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Your site is awesome, it is! You were right last year and I believe in the future of it now!
You gave us the perfect platform to sell our used and demo units, your friendly persistence, service and support are above Standard levels! I wouldn´t recommend this to my colleagues, I need the sales figures for my purpose lool :)
Very good website. Highly recommended to medical equipment buyers and sellers. Bimedis Team is always out there to help you.
I would recommend BiMedis platform to increase sales volume and number of customers from all around the world. It is simple to use.
BiMedis is a good marketplace to find new clients!
I believe BiMedis is the best Medical equipment site as of today. I am happy for the response i am getting thru BiMedis.
BiMedis finds a customized approach to every client and is easy to get in touch with. Thanks to your website, we got a lot of new customers.
BiMedis has worked as a great listing tool to expand my business and display our inventory to the global community of business owners and technicians who utilize the technology that my company provides. We have been able to create new customer relationships with many parties that we would have not reached otherwise. The only reason I would not recommend this service to other industry colleagues is to try and minimize the competition I face! This is a wonderful service and is something that my company has definitely seen added value in since becoming members.
I confidently recommend the Bimedis platform - a virtual place providing user-friendly and efficient experience to bring companies and end customers together. The platform is constantly engaged in its services updates and improvements. Being a PRO customer from the very beginning, I have to say that all the work carried out by the team is of high quality. I also can especially highlight Valery, who persistently manages the service and provides quality advice. The work done with diligence will always pay off well. My congrats! Continue to move on the chosen way!
All ok with our cooperation, we find new clients!
We've been working with BiMedis for a long time. It's a high-quality service! Our results are good. I like the simple way to post and delete commercials on the platform. The ads are promoted all over the world and that allows us to get queries from many countries. I also like the possibility to track advert statistic data. We recommend potential customers to sell on BiMedis. You'll never regret! We also recommend you to use the banner as it helps you attract new customers every month.
I would recommend BiMedis to everyone and I really appreciate your customer service and your team, worth using BiMedis!
Thanks to my diligent and professional assistant Olga and the BiMedis Company, I’ve discovered the world full of customers and suppliers. Owing to BiMedis, I’ve significantly increased my sales. It was a success to create a PRO Account on BiMedis.
We could have some new customers in the Eastern European market and Bimedis has helped us understand the Eastern European market better for endoscopes. I would not recommend Bimedis to others as Bimedis is becoming a good platform as a buyer and a harder platform as a seller (too many competitors already) LOL
The possibility of coming into contact with new buyers has certainly increased our sales and expanded our network of contacts. In addition, I mentioned that the online assistance service and the prompt communication from the staff (in this case especially from Alexandra) made it possible not to lose sales opportunities. I would recommend BImedis for the professionalism of the managers and for the efficient system of notification, translation and for the possibility of inserting many products on display.
I like the platform a lot, I came in contact with a lot of new people and mostly end-users. I would recommend it because of the great help and user-friendly website.
BiMedis helps us promote our equipment and increase its sales on the market, especially among Eastern European customers who are little-known to us. BiMedis company is a quality service and responsive people like manager Ivanna.
We are really satisfied with the service from you and would like to keep everything as it is right now.
I’m extremely grateful to the BiMedis Company!!! For the first time, we used the BiMedis trading platform in May 2018 to find a reliable supplier and purchase ophthalmology equipment in the USA. The results exceeded our expectations: the BiMedis Company’s staff supervised the entire transaction process, conducted negotiations, helped to find the right option, and did their job perfectly well. I want to say many thanks to the company’s employees!! I’m very grateful to Ulyana, the company’s employee, who perfectly coped with the objective, found ways out of difficult situations, was always polite and intelligible while explaining things, and stayed in touch at any time. I wish BiMedis prosperity and well-being. I also plan to go on working with this trading platform. I’ll be glad to cooperate with Ulyana and other company’s employees again.
There are leads that we would definitely not find if it wasn't for BiMedis, specially customers in east Europe and Asia. It sure helps expand the market in foreign nations. It's a safe website and if BiMedis says we can trust the customer, we know we can proceed with our negotiations with more confidence.
BiMedis is definitely a market place where you need to be to make your company sales grow! We have done a couple of deals thanks to this website and so far our experience has been great. Big thumbs up for the excellent customer service!
BiMedis is helping me increasing my sales by presenting my stock with correct details on your webpage and by sending me the item requests. I can not think of any missing details on BiMedis. Each way of distrubition chanel that increases my sales and promotes my business helps me. To friends I am recommending your webpage.
Last year we sold 2 spare parts via Bimedis (p/n 4535 670 300072 and 7384444). At the moment we are satisfied with your services, no suggestions for improvement.
I would for sure recommend BiMedis to my colleagues in the marketing field. The interface is user friendly and you are able to upload systems quickly and efficient. Furthermore, you always get a quick response from the agents, which makes the BiMedis a trustworthy platform.
I have been cooperating with BiMedis since November 2016. Many changes have taken place since that time. The “Wanted” section pleases me most of all but the website doesn’t always work correctly with IE. I would advise my colleagues to cooperate with BiMedis because its pleasant team promptly solves issues, and the website has a user-friendly interface.
I have been working with Bimedis for almost 2 years now. Since the beginning, Bimedis has a very good service with nice and helpful people. (Only the price has highly increased... I guess more clients so more expensive). I would not recommend Bimedis because it will increase competition... Lol
I have been using BiMedis for about 3 months I started recieving more calls, more e-mails, more deals. BiMedis, have demonstrate their: professional, fast, high commercial understanding, honesty, loyalty, high responsibility, and they provide high value for a reasonable investment.
We have been working with BiMedis since the beginning of 2016. In February, we purchased the PRO account and are very happy about it. Thanks to the BiMedis team and their platform, we have managed to implement several very good and long-term projects. I hope they were not the last. The portal has become more informative and modern in comparison to 2016 version. This is not just a buy or sell portal. Here, the BiMedis team leads the project together with the company concerned and helps to realize it at all stages. I wish good luck and prosperity to the portal, and I hope our cooperation will be long and fruitful.
The First Medical Company Ltd. has been cooperating with BiMedis since 2015. This platform is stable, and it is easy and convenient to place or to find the necessary information on it. During our joint work, BiMedis has proven itself to be a highly professional company employing qualified staff able to quickly and proficiently solve any set tasks. More and more customers receive information about our products on this platform making it undoubtedly convenient for our company as well. We plan to continue our cooperation!
You are always very helpful. I know your company for a few years now and find very easy to deal with. A quantity and quality of the equipment on your site is of a very good standard. Quick response, good service, professionalism of the company personnel gives me confidence to recommend your company to others.
I have been working with BiMedis for 2 years. It's more stable and recently much faster, i prefer BiMedis over Medwow and Dotmed, would be great if you could reach more traffic in the line of Dotmed or Medwow. Your service is by far the best. I think if you get more traffic, your site will be the most sought after. I will absolutely recommend my colleagues to coopearte with BiMedis!
I have been working with BiMedis since November 2016, so almost five months now. Service quality is high, quick replies when I ask questions by email. Changes have been made after my request (order manufacturers alphabetically). To be honest, sometimes the menus are loaded a little slow, especially when I’m adding new products. I would recommend my colleagues to work with BiMedis as it is a nice looking website, bright, easy to use, big images. Good support.