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on the majority of medical equipment inquiries on the majority of medical equipment inquiries
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Do you sell medical equipment, but do not know how to find distributors and scale your promotion around the world?

, Dear medical equipment manufacturers, marketers and managers of medical equipment companies! If…
  • Now your company doesn’t use a website, advertising and social networks
  • You have a website, but it looks unattractive and does not represent the products at the proper level
  • While using Google Search, your website is somewhere on the fifth page, and there's almost no traffic there.
  • You fail to attract customers online, there are no applications or let alone sales
  • You invest money into your website maintenance with no result: hosting, IT support, but no result in conclusion
  • You are looking for verified distributors to sell medical equipment locally and internationally
  • You are used to attracting distributors offline, but you understand it is energy-consuming, expensive and inefficient.
  • You don’t have any tools to attract distributors online effectively
  • You want to reach a new level of medical equipment sales, but you don’t know how

Discover a new opportunity to attract distributors online for selling medical items through the world's largest medical equipment trading platform Bimedis.

Online attraction of distributors will help to sell medical equipment worldwide faster, easier and more profitable

Online attraction of distributors on verified medical equipment trading platforms is:
  • The ability to use an expanded customer database, which can be 10 or 100 times larger than yours
  • Your company products placement on the website developed according to selling standards
  • The website, catalog, advertising in English — expansion of potential customers geography
  • Mailout to database of verified distributors worldwide
  • Professional engagement through different channels
  • IT-support on every stage
  • "Ready" audience - the ability to immediately find distributors who are aware and interested in the goods you sell

And MUCH more…

All you need is your expertise in medical equipment and willingness to start attracting distributors online right away.

All the rest we do for you!

In 2021, the medical equipment market size increased 4 times, and the number of requests - 1.5 times and keeps growing

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the medical equipment market size has increased 4 times in some categories. The demand has grown 1.5 times and keeps growing.

Offline exhibitions began to be held much more seldom due to the frozen budgets. Not all distributors, doctors, and clinics are ready to visit an expensive exhibition.

Also, due to the pandemic, there are restrictions on entry into certain countries.

At the same time, the need for professional medical equipment is only growing.

In 2020-2021, more clinics, doctors and distributors are looking for medical equipment online. And it seems like in 2022 the situation won’t change..

That’s why online attraction has to be an important priority of every medical equipment company willing to develop, scale sales and profits and remain the market leader.

How much time and money will you
save by attracting distributors online
rather than offline trade shows?

Attracting distributors at offline exhibitions
  • Extra expenses for travel accommodation
  • One stand – time and money for development plus $ 30,000 - 100,000 for placement
  • No chance to make changes about the ordered stand and its specs
  • 210 leads in 4 days worth $30,000 - $35,000 is a good indicator
  • Limited number of products – about 10
  • High competition
  • Potential customers are only those who visit the exhibition
  • The exhibition is held once
  • You have to communicate and close the deals with distributors on your own
Attracting distributors online through Bimedis website
  • You spend $0 while your business processes do not stop, because all employees are in working mode
  • A full-fledged website, business card, goods catalogue, advertising - only with a one-time payment for placement
  • Ability to make changes to the site and catalog anytime
  • 230 000 visitors per month, which ≈ 7600 visitors per day
  • Ability to add all products to the catalog
  • Bimedis is on the first page in Google Search for most medical equipment inquiries
  • Distributors all over the world can find you in a few clicks
  • Online attracting lasts as long as you need
  • Bimedis will do it for you, including calling over the regions and communicating with distributors who don't know you and whose language you don't speak.

You get a planned out strategy of attracting distributors and IT support

Website for your company according to the selling standards in English
Placement of your medical equipment in the Bimedis sеllers catalogue covering more than 230,000 users per month and top 1 for most medical equipment requests
Translation of your products' list into 7 languages
Setting up SEO-optimization from Bimedis specialists

You'll start attracting customers faster, which means growing your business, multiplying profit, and scaling

  • Business develops faster and easier due to the number and quality of customers growth
  • You feel more confident because you are not afraid that the site traffic will "sag" and Google is not ranking your page
  • You don’t think where to find distributors, how to allocate money for offline exhibitions and stands placement
  • You don't have to think worry about the website maintenance,google ads optimization and leads attracting
  • You save on hosting, payment to programmers, ineffective advertising, etc..
  • You attract customers worldwide, no geographic limits
  • You deal with verified distributors so you feel safe
  • Easily deal with business development, implementation of new ambitious goals, relax more and simply enjoy your life

Since 2012, Bimedis has been connecting sellers and buyers from all over the world

Bimedis is the one of the largest medical equipment trading platform in the world.

We have been on the market since 2012.

For more than 9 years we have been seeking distributors for manufacturers of medical equipment and connecting sellers with buyers worldwide.

We see a current problem: many manufacturers of medical equipment are not represented online, they have to spend a lot of resources, time and money to attract distributors offline.

Therefore, we have created a service that helps to do it much easier, cheaper and more efficiently.

Our goal is to help the sellers from different countries to become widely represented on the Internet.

And we are 100% sure that we can help you with this

Bimedis has a team of highly qualified employees with the necessary experience:
  • R&D-managers
  • Programmers
  • Designers
  • Marketers
  • IT-support specialists
  • Professional translators
  • Sales managers
  • Support Department – communication between a seller and buyer

Over 3 million sessions on Bimedis website per year, and it’s just the beginning…

372 913

medical equipment items in the catalogue


user usually spends on Bimedis website

213 005

users per month in 2021 worldwide


Bimedis website in Google for most medical equipment inquiries

There are dealers, official distributors, brokers, doctors and heads of medical institutions from all over the world among the clients of Bimedis

Amado Diaz III

Bimedis is a great tool to help generate new leads. We are happy with our subscription and the great customer service!

Fameco Medical

Our company has been collaborating with Bimedis trading platform for several years now and is very satisfied with its service and assistance in doing business worldwide. Thanks to the Bimedis website we could considerably develop our portfolio of clients and so to increase our sales especially in the Eastern Europe and Latin America. Fameco Medical highly recommends this platform that really have been helping us in getting in touch with potential buyers and in expanding our professional network.

Pedro Campos

At Bricammedical we are very satisfied with the Bimedis platform, because many customers are interested in our products and we increase sales by subscribing to it. On the other hand, they are always attentive to requests and information requested by our customers. We recommend 100%

Jeremy Byrd

BiMedis has worked as a great listing tool to expand my business and display our inventory to the global community of business owners and technicians who utilize the technology that my company provides. We have been able to create new customer relationships with many parties that we would have not reached otherwise. The only reason I would not recommend this service to other industry colleagues is to try and minimize the competition I face! This is a wonderful service and is something that my company has definitely seen added value in since becoming members.

Daniel Sadr

I work with 3 websites, but Bimedis is the best one which I get more reactions. Important is sale and that goes good!


I have Been using Bimedis For the last two years and it has been very successful with their leads. The sales I’ve made have fully paid the yearly fee. Every time I get a inquiry, I get a notice from Olga with a link of the lead So I can take care of it I’m very pleased with their services

What is included in the package for distributors database?

  • SEO-optimized site according to the selling standards in English considering your style and color scheme - for DESKTOP and mobile version
  • Transferring, placement and translation into 7 languages of your products for distributors from all over the world in the Bimedis catalogue
  • 12 months maintenance — hosting, system administrator services, technical support
  • Analytics of visiting your site
  • SMM-promotion
  • News article that your company is already represented in Bimedis catalogue
  • Mailout to the database of 5000+ verified distributors worldwide and if necessary calling over by our local manager
  • 4 promotion packages to your choice

* If necessary, we can host your website on your domain

You can choose a suitable tariff





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Without attracting distributors online, you keep losing potential customers and money

Right now, your potential customers might scroll down Bimedis website, but they can’t see you in the product catalogue yet..

As a result, they might become dealers of your competitors or just pass by, not even knowing that you have exactly what they need.

That’s why start acting now, for the sake of your business and the customers who need your medical equipment.

on the majority of medical equipment inquiries on the majority of medical equipment inquiries
10 000+
verified distributors in 148 countries
230 000
website visitors per month
years of experience