SIPA Diagnostic

  SIPA Diagnostic specialises in the development and manufacture of medical devices and diagnostic systems. Although the company was founded in 2022, our engineers and biologists have been working in the field of automation and process equipment under the SIPA Group for 30 years. This combination of experience and expertise enables us to create innovative equipment for medical centres worldwide.

SIPA Diagnostic's core business is the provision of reagents and analysers for immunoassays and clinical chemistry. The company also manufactures calibrators, laboratory automation systems and instruments for microbiological research. This high-tech equipment enables patients to receive accurate diagnostic results in the shortest possible time.

Our company has its own development department, which designs and manufactures parts for medical equipment. This enables SIPA Diagnostic to find an individual solution for each customer and to implement appropriate and innovative solutions.

Relationships with distributors enable us to provide reliable service worldwide. In addition to technical support and calibration, it also includes staff training.

Our goals

To contribute to the economically sustainable development of clinical laboratories. Economically sustainable laboratories are efficient, competitive, environmentally friendly, profitable and in the best interests of their patients. This is exactly the kind of industry development SIPA Diagnostic strives for.

High-tech and innovative equipment multiplies the efficiency of medical institutions, laboratories and diagnostic centres. The automation of processes increases the speed of tests and the accuracy of results. The result: more patients, lower staff costs and less chance of error.

Strive for innovation and new technologies.

It is possible to keep up with the times, and we aim to be ahead of them. It is the new technologies that will enable us to improve the quality of diagnosis and treatment. The flexibility of development, combined with the variety of technologies and accumulated knowledge, help us to keep moving forward.

We have already introduced an innovative product, the SIPA Q-Covid-PCR diagnostic system. It allows the rapid and accurate detection of the presence of the SARS-CoV-2 virus in a large number of samples at the same time. This is just the first step towards the medical equipment of the future.

Promoting social responsibility.

SIPA Diagnostic promotes the health and well-being of patients worldwide. In developing the equipment, we are constantly working to improve the accuracy and speed of diagnosis, and most importantly, to extend the range of action to a greater number of diseases. A timely and correct diagnosis increases the success of patient treatment by 70%.

In addition, we want to show companies by example the effectiveness of charitable campaigns and support for projects aimed at combating disease and improving health care.

To offer environmentally sustainable solutions.

We are responsible for our present and future. That's why we are committed to implementing environmentally sustainable solutions in the design and manufacture of our equipment. We use technology to significantly reduce waste and emissions. All of our appliances are designed with energy-efficient systems that reduce CO2 emissions.

SIPA Diagnostic is always open to cooperation with companies and organisations studying the fields of ecology and sustainability.