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Pentax announced the development of an ultrasound endoscope EG-3270UK

Pentax  company has made a breakthrough in medicine. It created a new generation ultrasound echoendoscope, which helps not only to detect cancer, but also to determine its stage, structure and possible spread. New technologies guarantee enhanced image quality, accuracy and are easy to use.  For many years the company's work has been aimed at improving the quality of patients’ medical care, therefore the company's new product immediately took leading positions on the market and surpassed its competitors in all respects.

Pentax announced the development of an ultrasound endoscope EG-3270UK

The diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and lungs are very widespread, especially nowadays. Consequently, a lot of efforts are made to develop devices that facilitate the most accurate examination of these organs, as well as of other closely located organs and tissues. The most appropriate device for examinations was developed by Pentax and its launch was announced in August 2017. What technical specifications make it better than the previous endoscopes?

Device Features

A novelty developed by Pentax is an ultrasound endoscope called Slim Linear. It uses the latest technologies, namely the slimmest linear echoendoscope to ensure the visualization of internal organs and tissues. The device has a number of features, which distinguish it from already existing ones:

  • slimmer insertion tube;
  • small distal end;
  • small angle bending section.

These technical specifications enable professional physicians to access and visualize all parts of the patient's body that are hard to reach, consequently it is possible to expand treatment options and to find an approach to any patient.

Modern ultrasound endoscope EG-3270UK guarantees high accuracy of Fine Needle Aspiration (FNA), as well as excellent image quality. These two possibilities bring the development of medicine to a new level, enabling physicians to perform a wide range of procedures.

Device significance and evaluation

Up-to-date technologies, which are used in Slim Linear ultrasound endoscope allow the doctor to evaluate the condition of the digestive tract with high accuracy, to make a precise diagnosis and to prescribe a necessary treatment.

Pentax announced the development of an ultrasound endoscope EG-3270UK

Canadian professor of medicine claims that this device can be also used for lung cancer detection. Moreover, ultrasound endoscope is more effective than other devices because with its help the physician can immediately evaluate the structure of the malignancy, its spread and other characteristics. The images quality makes it possible to be 100 percent sure that the diagnosis is precise.

The work of Pentax company is aimed at improving medical care  quality throughout the world. Hence, the company has been developing state-of -the-art devices for diseases detection for many years, creating not only  high-quality, but also easy-to-use devices.

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