MyoVista: a new HeartSciences high sensitivity ECG

The American company HeartSciences made a breakthrough in cardiology, having launched a high sensitivity electrocardiograph, which helps to reveal cardiovascular diseases in patients at the earliest stages.  In its operation MyoVista ECG relies on a continuous wavelet transform, that allows to obtain the most accurate data from the color distribution of heart energy. Moreover, the interface is very simple and accessible, thus all doctors can use it without retraining.

As a rule, a person’s longevity directly depends on the condition of their physical health. The heart, undoubtedly, is one of the most important organs. Therefore, heart malfunction leads to a general disruption of body functioning, as well as to the complications in the work of other organs. HeartSciences company has developed and released a new generation electrocardiograph, which facilitates early detection of heart diseases.

MyoVista features

MyoVista is an increased sensitivity ECG device. It is the basic need for clinics that are dealing with cardiac dysfunction. The product overview demonstrates that its sensitivity is 78% and its specificity is 71% and these are only average figures. In some cases, these figures were of 88% and 87% respectively, and consequently the probability of detection of diastolic dysfunction was increased to a greater extent.

This novelty in cardiology equipment immediately took the leading positions on the market due to the use of modern technologies. The interface looks like a tablet and is as simple and convenient as possible. The user-friendly interface helps medical personnel to undergo training very fast and allows to perform the device testing procedure in a short time.

The device operation is based on a mathematical method known as continuous wavelet transform, which processes ECG data in a manner very different from  conventional ECG. This method allows to see the color distribution of heart energy, with the help of Doppler radar, which is the part of MyoVista.

Device advantages

The device enables the detection of cardiovascular diseases and disorders at early stages and makes it possible to start treatment on time, preventing more serious problems and complications. Using MyoVista, one can reveal such diseases as:

  • left ventricle hypertrophy;
  • aortic disease;
  • valvular disease;
  • hypertension;
  • diabetes;
  • cardiomyopathy;
  • arrhythmia.

In addition, a high accuracy of the obtained data is the other significant benefit. Furthermore, during examination procedure twelve leads are applied as in the conventional ECG. This coincides with standard at-rest testing protocol, hence clinic staff doesn’t have to undergo retraining.

MyoVista presentation confirmed the importance of the device in the field of cardiology. During the presentation a few scientific facts were introduced, claiming that with MyoVista ECG the need for expensive heart diagnostics is several times smaller.