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Supersonic Imagine developed a new premium ultrasound system

Modern ultrasound systems are ready to present many new possibilities to the world. SuperSonic Imagine, a French corporation, presented the product of 8 years of work - Aixplorer Ultimate. It is a unique ultrasound system, which offers frame acquisition rates 200 times faster than conventional systems, which allows performing several operations simultaneously, expanding the range of obtained data and enhancing their accuracy and reliability.

Supersonic Imagine developed a new premium ultrasound system

New medical products appear quite often, but not all of them can compete with the existing ones. When it comes to ultrasound systems, the demands are even higher – exact results, short processing time and convenient interface. The new ultrasound product by Supersonic Imagine has all the necessary features, which is why the physicians all over the world have become interested in it.

Technical specifications of the system

Supersonic Imagine developed a new premium ultrasound system

Aixplorer Ultimate is a product of a French company, which has been improving and creating ultrasound devices for many years. The peculiarity of this device is the use of new UltraFast technology, which offers acquisition rates 200 times faster than any of the existing systems. Due to application architecture, the ultrasound device can use improved image processing techniques.

SuperFast application technology by SuperSonic Imagine ensures high image quality. The display mode plays a crucial role in such devices, which is why the image obtained has to be clear and uniform. Tissue Tuner technology can adapt the ultrasound speed for multiple organs, which creates more possibilities for the doctors in different situations.

And, of course, ShearWave Elastography feature, developed by the same French company, allows viewing and measuring of the tissue stiffness in real time.

Innovations in medicine

Supersonic Imagine developed a new premium ultrasound system

Aixplorer UltraFast ultrasound systems allows doctors to obtain the necessary quantity of data and presents various innovative technologies:

  • Angio PL.U.S – takes microvascular visualization to a new level with the help of improved color sensitivity technology;
  • TriVu – a unique ultrasound system, offering real-time imaging, combining B-mode, SWE™ and Color+ imaging. Due to this, anatomy, tissue stiffness and vessels can be visualized simultaneously.
  • Needle PL.U.S.  – provides an opportunity to visualize anatomical structures as well as biopsy needles in real time, and also predict where the needle is supposed to go.

All these innovations, once introduced in medical institutions, will save time spent on examinations and make them comfortable and reliable. Review of work and technical specifications of this device confirms its unique capacities and makes it a perfect tool for clinics. It has taken 8 years to develop this system and the results exceeded all expectations.

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