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Eko DUO – a new portable stethoscope with EKG function

Nowadays heart diseases are very widespread and a lot of people need constant monitoring of their health condition. Unfortunately, not every patient has the opportunity to go to the hospital for frequent examinations. Therefore, the development of a specialized device which will control and monitor heart function — is extremely significant mission.

Considering the needs of patients with heart diseases, Eko company has produced a portable stethoscope, which ensures insight into cardiac function in real time. The Eko DUO stethoscope is equipped with electrocardiography function and is able to provide the most accurate examination results, due to modern technologies. Moreover, the dimensions of the device are impressive as well, it is of the same size as pocket phone and as a result convenient to be carried with.

The handheld stethoscope with EKG function, developed by Eko company, has undoubtedly become a new progressive step in medicine.

Eko DUO – a new portable stethoscope with EKG function

Characteristic of the operation of the device

Eko company has been developing devices for cardiac function control for many years, however, the novelty released in 2017 has become a real innovation. This is the portable, pocket device integrating EKG and auscultation functions. It resembles an old mobile phone, but has only three buttons. Each button performs specific function, to exemplify, EKG or auscultation. On the whole, the operation of the device is similar to the operation of a conventional stethoscope.

Patients can apply this device by themselves and this is a significant advantage.  Using this equipment, one can get information that will be identical to the results of examination carried out with conventional stethoscope and diagnostic data will be displayed with the help of special application.

Auscultative tones and electrocardiogram are recorded and displayed in real time and  can be saved to the database for further examinations.

Technical specifications

Eko DUO stethoscope with EKG function has the following features:

  • equipped with 1-lead EKG;
  • HIPAA compliant software;
  • 60x sound amplification;
  • wireless Bluetooth;
  • a powerful battery that guarantees 9 hours operation.

The electrocardiogram and auscultation of the heartbeat allow to analyze cardiac performance with great accuracy and to diagnose heart pathologies. A mobile application, visualizing examination results, is available on iOS, Android and Windows smartphones. The application displays all cardiac abnormalities and saves the results with HIPAA encryption.

Eko DUO – a new portable stethoscope with EKG function

The device includes a special electronic stethoscope headset, however a 3.5 mm headphone jack ensures Eko DUO’s operation with any standard headphones. The developers of the device also created a wireless charging pad, which is installed over the existing charging platform, when the battery loses its charge.

The Eko DUO stethoscope is currently very popular, due to its functions, technical specifications and high accuracy of results. Furthermore, the dimensions of the device allow to carry it in the pocket, and if it is necessary to find out the cause of poor health.

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