The effectiveness of IMRT in the treatment of head and neck cancer is proven

Quality diagnostics is extremely important for the timely treatment of almost all diseases. Especially it concerns cancer. Therefore, radiotherapy machines are gaining great popularity among radiological equipment, since radiation therapy is one of the best methods for treating cancer.

Quality diagnostics

Results of work of Accuray TomoTherapy IMRT system

Modern researchers spend a lot of time and money investigating the various methods of radiation therapy, their effects on the human body as a whole, as well as the overall survival rate of patients after treatment. The results of new research were published in the International Journal of Radiation Oncology by Accuray Incorporated. They showed that treating patients with head and neck cancer using IMRT is more effective in comparison to volumetric modulated arc therapy.

Fourteen radiation therapy centers located in France participated in the research. Its aim was to compare the survival rate of patients suffering from cancer who were treated using intensity-modulated radiation therapy (IMRT) and volumetric modulated arc therapy. The treatment of 166 patients was carried out with the help of the Accuray TomoTherapy IMRT system and Varian Medical Systems machines.

Results of work of Accuray TomoTherapy IMRT system

This is the first prospective investigation, comparing clinical data between radiotherapy platforms. Assessing the results of the treatment, scientists claim that the advantages of the Accuray TomoTherapy IMRT system are as follows:

  • increased patient survival;
  • local control over the progression of head and neck oncology processes is improved;
  • improved salivary gland function after the treatment.

In addition, researchers believe that the device will show its superiority in the treatment and control over the growth of tumors, which have spread to the majority of lymph nodes.

A new way of IMRT system delivery

Fabienne Hirigoyenberry-Lanson, the VP of Accuray Global Medical and Scientific Affairs, said: "This important research shows that the technique used for IMRT  system  delivery can have a significant impact on patients’ treatment. Two main directions are distinguished — local speed control and survival after treating cancer. The effectiveness of Tomo Therapy System in the treatment of head and neck tumors was noticeably enhanced, consequently we expected the same results with the Radixact system — our next-generation Tomo Therapy platform. An important factor is that the salivary gland function was provoked after the treatment in a significantly smaller number of patients receiving tomotherapy, even if the doctors managed to achieve better control over the tumor. "

A new way of IMRT system delivery

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