Clarius launches new wireless scanners for emergency diagnostics

The development of new medical equipment for ultrasound scanning has reached a new level thanks to Clarius Mobile Health. This company has invented a series of wireless scanners that can be used for rapid diagnostics outside the hospital. This will allow to diagnose patients quickly and  to provide the necessary medical assistance in the shortest possible time, saving people's lives.

Diagnostics outside the hospital

Modern medicine is rapidly developing and uses the newest, state-of-the-art technologies. Ultrasound scanners belong to such technologies; they are applied to make a diagnosis quickly and prescribe treatment to patients. There are situations when a person’s life is at stake and there is no time to deliver a patient to the hospital for further diagnostics. For emergencies, Clarius has invented a pocket ultrasound scanner, available in two versions – C3 and L7.

Clarius is IPX7 Certified

Features of Clarius scanners

Clarius has been working on digital healthcare devices for many years, therefore its experts came to the conclusion that the creation of ultrasound scanners that will display images on smartphones – is the first necessity. Such equipment is intended for use during first aid. These models are protected by a magnesium body, so they can be immersed in water for cleaning or disinfection. Moreover, both models are equipped with a removable rechargeable battery.

Each wireless ultrasound device has its own features and benefits. The Clarius C3 model is versatile and can handle ultrasound visualization of the lungs and abdominal cavity. Furthermore, this scanner is equipped with a virtual phased array, which allows to scan the heart quickly and easily. The Clarius L7 model is designed specifically for visualization of the surface structures of the body.

Features of Clarius scanners

Both Clarius models are designed for urgent diagnostics and automatically adjust amplification and frequency to allow the physician to make a diagnosis quickly in any situation. Typically, such situations include:

  • joint dislocation;
  • bone fractures;
  • abdominal bleeding;
  • collapse;
  • lung bleeding.

The application of scanners

The device is designed to be used with the help of a smartphone, since almost everyone has one nowadays. To make the ultrasound scanner work, one needs to open the previously downloaded application, select the scanner model and the part of the body to be imaged.

The application of scanners

The scanned image can be further enlarged or saved for additional examinations. The review and testing of Clarius scanners, namely the C3 and L7 models, showed the high performance of these devices. This definitely proves that emergency medical services need such equipment. Currently, the new wireless scanners for emergency diagnostics can be purchased in 20 countries around the world with all necessary instructions and documents.

The Vice President of Marketing at Clarius Mobile Health, Neena Rahemtulla, claims that these scanner models are ideal and effective for work outside the hospital, even in difficult conditions.

Oleg Volobuev, doctor, BiMedis company