Modern anesthesia systems: review of the 3 best models

An inhalation anesthesia machine is an integral part of any operating room. The machine facilitates medical procedures which are impossible without anesthesia. This device provides a fairly wide range of effects on the course of the operation, creating optimal and safe conditions for surgeons’ work. Modern anesthesia machines allow controlling a number of vital functions, namely:

  • heart rhythm;
  • airway pressure;
  • oxygen concentration and flow;
  • automatic ventilation.

Among a variety of anesthesia machines, there are three leaders in the international market. Today the BiMedis Company offers you to learn more about some popular anesthesia machines.

A representative of Drager company

Drager anesthesia machines features

Multiple years of fruitful work experience allows the Drager Company to remain ahead of others in medical equipment development. The company’s modern devices are equipped with BIS monitors, which process the EEG data and calculate the quantitative exposure – the bispectral index (anesthetic depth and decrease in brain function) in real-time. The company has recently introduced a new system – NSRI (Noxious Stimulus Response Index), ensuring intravenous anesthetic effect online calculation during medical procedures. The software shows the current anesthesia course and predicts its further development in two dimensions, helping an anesthesiologist lead a patient in the best way possible during anesthesia.

Most Drager machines are modular systems. They can be supplied as a simple modification device or as an anesthesia system with all possible modern functions. This manufacturer’s models include high-efficiency ventilation, extensive possibilities to install additional equipment, and provide ease of operation, and integration into the working process in operating rooms of any type.

Fabius Plus is the most popular model among the manufacturer’s machines. Its distinctive features are as follows:

  • operation without high-pressure air supply from a separate compressor;
  • equipped with a color display, showing digital and graphical parameters;
  • possibility to be fitted with an external gas monitor;
  • mobility, which allows an anesthesiologist to efficiently use the workplace.

Heinen Lowenstein anesthesia machines

Heinen Lowenstein machines

We would like to bring to your attention two Heinen Lowenstein anesthesia machine models – Leon and Leon Plus. They are suitable for both adults and children, and due to IMV/SIMV modes, these machines combine ergonomic design, high hygienic standards, and technological excellence. An electronic gas mixer for three gases is also a special feature of these models. This mixer with a wide range of flow rates – from 200 ml to 18 L/min – allows conducting anesthesia within an almost closed circuit. Leon and Leon Plus anesthesia machines operate in the following ventilation modes: IMV, SIMV, PCV, SPCV, PSV, and HLM. These modern systems can be fully integrated into a specific work environment and accurately adapted to all anesthesiologists’ individual needs during work.

Mindray machines

Mindray machines

The Mindray Company’s machines close the top 3 list of anesthesia devices. These machines are used to perform general anesthesia during surgical interventions in patients of different ages. The company provides modern models with the following features:

  1. Advanced artificial lung ventilation unit with seven modes of ventilation.
  2. 2.6-liter compact breathing circuit ensures a quick effect, optimal for low-flow anesthesia. The circuit is sterilized at a temperature of 134 C, which allows easy and convenient cleaning and maintenance.
  3. Convenient design.

If you need a device for general anesthesia for patients of different ages, the Drager, Heinen Lowenstein, and Mindray device lineup is undoubtedly your choice.

The presented brands are innovative and modernized systems. Right because of such devices, the idea of ​​fully automated anesthesia procedures becomes a reality.

You will have to take serious steps when choosing a device and ensuring its further operation and maintenance. Besides, it is worth keeping in mind that the doctor’s incapability and careless attitude can lead to undesirable consequences or even pose a threat to patients’ lives.

Are you looking for a versatile anesthesia machine? BiMedis managers are always happy to help you choose the most suitable machine for your needs.

Khrystiana Hanina​​​​, doctor, BiMedis Сompany