Nowadays, ultrasound diagnostics is one of the most efficient, informative and safest methods of medical examination. There are no contraindications and it is safe for examining patients of all ages –these are the most important advantages of ultrasound. Because of low cost and excellent diagnostic capabilities, ultrasound machines are an integral part of modern imaging rooms and clinics.

Prior to choosing an ultrasound machine, you have to decide what examinations you plan to conduct using it. In fact, all ultrasound machines are divided as follows: cardiac ultrasound machines (designed to investigate the cardiovascular system), ob/gyn (for investigations in obstetrics and gynecology), surgical (equipped with special laparoscopic and intraoperative transducers, as well as have software for special uses in surgery) and general imaging machines (used in all fields of medicine). Multipurpose ultrasound scanners are among the most popular devices because they are utilized in cardiology, gynecology, and in general examinations. According to ergonomic aspects, ultrasound machines are divided into stationary which are used only in health care institutions, and portable – used both in medical facilities and for bedside examinations of seriously ill patients even at their place of residence. Today we will analyze portable multipurpose ultrasound machines, namely: Chison Ebit 60, HITACHI Noblus and GE Logiq E.

Chison Ebit 60

The Chison Company is a reliable manufacturer of ultrasound machines because it has been working in this field for over 20 years and is one of the world leaders in the production of such equipment. As of today, the Chison Ebit 60 ultrasound machine is considered to be one of the best in its class. It offers excellent quality-price ratio. Despite the fact that the device profile is tooled for cardiovascular examinations, it is also perfect for all types of medical investigation, for instance, abdominal, gynecologic, pediatric, and many others due to a wide range of transducers.

Ebit 60 provides easy and comfortable operating procedure because its weight is only 7.5 kg. Besides, according to tests, the battery life is over two hours with moderate use. The device also allows exporting DICOM data to a network or a USB drive, as well as export medical investigation data to a PC using USB connection. The ultrasound machine is equipped with four USB ports, DVI, VGA, BNC, and Ethernet ports providing a possibility of quick and easy connection to flash drives, external monitors, and networks.


HITACHI Noblus is a powerful expert class ultrasound machine which can be utilized in conventional examinations, as well as in endocrine, intraoperative, and abdominal investigations due to high-quality images and new technological solutions. One of these solutions is conducting sonoelastography in real time using contrast substances. This function is possible thanks to Ultra BE (Ultrasound Broadband Engine) system.

In addition, because it has 3D/4D (STIC) mode, used for specialized in-depth fetal cardiovascular examination, the device is perfect to be utilized in obstetrics and gynecology. The monitor tilts and rotates, reducing operator strain during long examinations, which is an important user-friendly feature.

GE Logiq e

GE Logiq e is a multipurpose and compact ultrasound machine with the highest quality of imaging. This device is equally efficient when utilized in various clinical fields, namely in obstetrical, cardiovascular, abdominal examinations, and even in anesthesiology and emergency medicine. Logiq e is different from other devices because it is equipped with special transducers for ultra-high frequency scanning and specifically configured Doppler modes including transcranial mode meant for vascular examinations. Additionally, the machine provides high frame rates which are necessary for quality cardiovascular investigations.

Some other advantages of the ultrasound machine are its small size, weight (just 5 kg), and boot time of less than 1 minute. It is also convenient and safe to use for conducting medical examinations in patients of all ages and weights.

Each of the three reviewed ultrasound machines has its advantages and disadvantages. Some specialists believe that portable ultrasound machines are inferior in their technical capabilities compared to stationary ones. Nevertheless, modern portable ultrasound machines are equipped with up-to-date technologies allowing their application in each and every clinical area and direction.

Diana Balog​, doctor, BiMedis Сompany