On November 27, 2016, Toshiba America Medical Systems presented its equipment at the RSNA 2016 exhibition. Among others, new MRI, CT scanners, and an improved interventional C-arm have been introduced.


  Toshiba has decided to present its new Aquilion One Genesis CT scanner.

  This 78 cm wide aperture scanner occupies a floor space of just 19 square meters and includes important upgrades providing faster examinations and better image sharpness. One of the most important questions surrounding CT examinations is exposure dose. The company has solved this pressing issue by introducing the FIRST system into Genesis generation CT scanners, providing the possibility of iterative reconstruction for ordinary examinations without making changes for each individual patient.


  Unlike other CT scanners, Toshiba has increased the maximum patient weight, so patients weighing more than 310 kg can now be examined as well.

  Among other important upgrades, spatial resolution has been improved up to 224% and increased contrast when scanning, which are ensured by the CT detector and PureVision optics.

  The Genesis System has already received the FDA approval and is installed in the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Maryland, USA.


  Among MRI scanners, Vantage Galan 3T has become a novelty, which, according to the manufacturer, has been created to provide maximum comfort for patients without sacrificing extremely high image quality. This is all achieved through new Toshiba technology presented at the exhibition.


  The new 3-tesla Vantage Galan scanner can now boast the latest version of Pianissimo technology, which is called Pianissimo Zen. According to the developers’ statement, when testing this technology, no noise outside the scanner control room could be heard. Therefore, this system is capable of reducing the noise level by 99.8%, quite a convincing result.

  Gantry aperture diameter is 71 cm. Toshiba has also improved the scanner’s technical capabilities by including Saturn gradient technology and PureRF radio frequency coils in the package, which improve the signal-to-noise ratio by 20%. One of the Vantage Galan scanner’s advantages is that the entire brain examination is conducted in less than 5 minutes.

  The scanner is also equipped with such technologies as Easy Tech Workflow patient positioning and scanning improvement application, as well as MR Theater entertainment application.

  Vantage Galan MRI scanner has been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (USFDA).

  This year, Toshiba has also received approval for another scanner improvement of Titan generation. Vantage Titan 1.5T cS ​​Edition has improved its capabilities utilizing the new M-Power V3.6 software and applications created to improve heart examination procedures.

Interventional direct radiography

  The Infinix Sky+ C-arm is a new addition to the vascular X-ray line. It features the double sliding function providing 210⁰ anatomical access from any angle. The Infinix Sky+ C-arm is convenient and versatile to use because it can take a variety of positions, depending on the physicians’ needs. It includes a flat digital 12×16-inch detector possessing 3D rotation function (80⁰ per second). The Infinix Sky + C-arm is equipped with a dedicated Toshiba system for X-rays dose reduction, and that is another important fact that should be noted.

Diana Balog , doctor, BiMedis Сompany