Substantial problem that a lot of males face nowadays is excessive back and shoulder pilosis. It is no secret that males are genetically predisposed to the abnormal amount of hair growth all over the body.

Present-day gentlemen solve such problems in different ways: some resort to cosmetician services, others try to fight against excessive “growth” on the body at home.

While the process of chest shaving is in fact trouble-free, during back shaving there often occur some difficulties which cause cuts and other damages. Exactly for such needs American cosmeticians designed a unique shaver BAKBLADE 2.0.

Current popular types of epilation (wax or laser hair removal) are either painful or expensive; therefore the designers of BAKBLADE 2.0 promise that their shaver will make the hair removal process quick, cheap and painless

The point of the device is quite simple: it’s an ordinary big-sized shaver with convenient handle that allows a man to cope with excessive hair on his own.

Innovative shaver has an s-shaped handle due to which the device can have a large range of motions. That’s why there is a possibility to get to the most inaccessible parts of the back. As a result, this technology enables quality trimming of a high comfort level.

The advantage of  BAKBLADE 2.0 is also the possibility to use it both wet and dry and blades are designed in such a way that the risk of cutting oneself is minimal.

It’s interesting that the innovative shaver hasn’t entered the market yet, but it has already found its followers not only among males but also females. Some ladies discovered quite unusual way of using this newcomer. They say this device helps them shave their legs during pregnancy when it’s especially difficult and hair removal with the help of  photoepilation is not recommended.

On the Kickstarter website (financial support of creative projects) BAKBLADE 2.0 has quickly raised necessary sum of 50,000 $ and today the aggregate amount of project investments has exceeded 316,581 $. According to expert forecasts, the first consignments of super-shaver are going to make men happy already in late 2016.

It is noted that the cost of the cheapest shaver version will be 24$, which is more than an affordable price for all social groups. 

Having taken a look at the possibilities of the new device, one can assume that BAKBLADE 2.0 will be practically useful not only for people who avoid visiting cosmeticians for costs reasons, but also for males who experience mental discomfort while sitting in a beauty salon.

Oles Trypadush, doctor, BiMedis Company