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  SIRONA dental company introduced a new dental unit that will make caries diagnosis easier and more convenient.

 SIROInspect is a device for rapid and effective monitoring of caries. With the help of SIROInspect, a dentist can not only remove necrotic tissues of the tooth, but can also evaluate the presence or absence of caries lesions. The difference between this device and other caries marker devices is that this tool instantaneously guarantees results in a fraction of a second and caries lesions, in the presence of ultraviolet light glow bright red in color/ This subsequently highlights areas that should be gone over by the dentist.

The fluorescence of caries tissues can be explained by the following. The SIROInspect highlights (wavelength 405 nm) the byproducts of dentin decay (caries lesion). These are the sites when excavation has not been performed properly.

   The device is very easy to use and that fact that it’s wireless makes it possible to use it in a workflow of patient after patient with minimal downtime, because the optical light source can be sterilized.

   SIROInspect includes the following:

- Probe;

- Protective glasses;

- Fiber-optic light source (x2);

- Charger;

- Battery (x2).

Dental equipment produced by SIRONA, including SIROInspect with FACE technology, has gone through many clinical trials and technical inspections before it hits the dental market. According to experts, SIROInspect is completely harmless for both healthy and decayed teeth. To date, this caries diagnosis method is the most informative and promising.

 To buy dental equipment from SIRONA, namely the SIROInspect, you can contact representatives of the company or visit them at dental exhibitions.

SIRONA Dental Equipment – is superior quality with a reasonable price.

By Dr. Iryna Todoryuk, doctor, BiMedis Company