The new Aspire Cristalle digital mammography system from Fujifilm combines innovation and a sleek ergonomic design that is user-friendly and offers a new level of patient comfort. A new detector array and a range of comfort enhancements make the Aspire Cristalle the perfect solution for your breast imaging needs. It delivers the highest quality images while at the same time minimizes radiation dose, making it the new standard in digital mammography. Digital mammography allows healthcare professionals to share, manipulate and store images electronically. It also opens up new capabilities of long-distance consultations, which would be a tedious task without the ability to transfer images with one click. Using digital scans of breasts, doctors are able to quickly diagnose and make the right decision for further treatment. Images show up on the computer screen within seconds, which significantly increases the efficiency of diagnosis.

Advantages of Fujifilm Aspire Cristalle

Improved patient comfort – patented Comfort Paddle has soft edges and a flexible construction which adapts to the shape of the breast and applies light compression for optimal scanning.

Innovative detector design – the Hexagonal Close Pattern (HCP) was specifically engineered to improve efficiency, image detail and lower radiation dose than conventional square pixel arrays.              

Post-processing – a range of automated post-processing tools to improve exposure and contrast to adapt to specific breast types.