Product Details

Brand GE
Model LightSpeed VCT 64
Condition Used
Warranty No warranty
Shipping from USA USA
Advert # 1368775
Category CT Scanners
Posted 09.02.2019
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Product Specifications

Number of slices 64
Gantry aperture (mm) 700
Gantry angle (±deg) 30
Couch horizontal movement: range of scanning (mm) 200
Couch horizontal movement: working course (mm) 200
Maximum patient weight (kg) 180
X-ray tube capacity (MHU) 8
X-ray tube cooling rate (kHU/min) 2100
Reconstruction time, images/sec 6
X-ray tube voltage (kV) 80-140
Max. X-ray generator tube current, mA 800
Full 360° scan time (sec) 0.35
Generator power (kW) 100

Product Description

2008 ge lightspeed vct64-nisr9450
application software: 13hw31.8_sp2-0-1.v40_h_h64_g_gtm
data acquisition system: hdas64
power distribution unit: ngpdu
installed tube: hercules
tube install date: 2016
tubema sec: 83,865,288 as of september 16 2018
ss: 269943.6 as of september 16 2018
license options:
noise reduction filter
smart prep
direct mpr
3000 image series
data export
copy composer
sub 0.4 second scan
volume viewer
patient 64 slice
dynamic z-axis tracking
vct hi power
smartscore pro
cardiq snapshot
ekg viewer
neuro filter
autofilter and transfer
connect pro
exam split
vct 85kw power
cardiq snapshot cine

available now
located in nj wh

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