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Jeremy Linder

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Model RAPIDPoint 400/405
Condition Refurbished
Warranty 3 month(s)
Shipping from USA USA
Advert # 1326250
Category Analyzer electrolytes and blood gas
Posted 05.12.2018
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Product Specifications

Number of parameters 16
Throughput, samples per hour 60
Analizator type Automatic
Sample Types Whole blood
Sample size, microlitre 100-200
Cycle time (reaction), s 60
Weight (kg) 15.5
Overall dimensions, cm 30х42х55

Product Description

Bayer Rapidpoint 400 is a self-contained cartridge-based blood gas system designed to provide maintenance free operation at all times. The long-lasting cartridge comprises a sampling unit, all of the sensors and all calibrating reagents. Whether at the point of care bedside, blood gas lab, or at alternate sites, Rapidpoint 400 delivers fast response. It can measure pH, blood gas, electrolytes, glucose and hematocrit with high precision. Moreover, all functions can be monitored remotely by the central laboratory. This compact portable instrument can record test results on all analytes in just 60 seconds. - Electrodes not included, but available from Block Scientific Features - Icon enriched color touch screen - Video guidance to simplify your workload

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