Planmed has developed an addition to their breast tomosynthesis line with the Clarity 3D. Digital breast tomosynthesis (DBT) offers a much higher diagnostic accuracy and resolution compared to conventional mammography. The new features of Clarity 3D give a considerable boost reduction of blur and artifacts in 3D images too, which is a must if you want to ensure full visibility of all microstructures.

The advantages of DBT are numerous: in some cases it has a higher resolution than CT, which is amazing, because the radiation dose is minimal in comparison. Women with dense breasts pose a problem for imaging centers, because the tissue structures are sometimes not completely visible. Clarity 3D solves this by producing a volumetric 3D image of the breast. Along with Planmed’s patented Continuous Sync-and-Shoot method, the tiniest microcalcifications and blood vessels are seen with the sharpest resolution.

“The incidence rate of breast cancer, the most common invasive cancer among women, continues to increase in both developed and developing countries. However, breast cancer related mortality has visibly decreased in countries with screening programs. This can be explained by early detection and improved diagnostic and treatment methods”, states Vesa Mattila, Managing Director of Planmed Oy. Planmed Clarity 3D works to innovate diagnostic technology according to this model, and strives for higher user experience standards.

Apart from improvements in patient comfort, like fast imaging times and an pleasant color scheme and ergonomics which users can choose from, Planmed’s Clarity 3D includes a suite of powerful features that improve workflow, making diagnostics imaging and biopsy procedures a breeze. Also, the user interface is highly intuitive and doesn’t require lengthy training for operation.

Full-scale production and rollout are scheduled to begin in autumn 2015 in select markets.