Tasso Inc. has received a DARPA grant to develop their device, the HemoLink, to provide patients with a pain-free alternative to blood draws. Performing a blood draw requires a trained professional and can be stressful and painful for patients.

The device relies on microfluidic technology and a special vacuum chamber designed to collect blood over a two minute period. HemoLink slowly pulls blood out of capillaries through a microchannel without a needle. The beauty of HemoLink is that it is self-administered and easy to use. Upon completion of the draw, the patient simply takes the sample to a lab for testing.

DARPA has also given Tasso Inc. $3 million to develop a preservative to extend the shelf-life of the blood samples to a week, and the storage temperature up to 60°C (140° F)

HemoLink can potentially lessen workloads in hospitals and clinics because it is an easy way for patients to get blood testing done on their own time, pain-free and without a needle.