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APLIO 300 - excellent results in daily examinations

With the launch of the Aplio 300 ultrasound device in 2011, Toshiba's popularity has grown steadily. This system is great for a wide range of research, including obstetric-gynecological and cardiology.

The Aplio 300 offers the following:

  • Ergonomics: Has a high-resolution LCD screen, an adjustable console, is small and lightweight.
  • Differential Fabric Harmonics (D-THI): Ensures homogeneity and high spatial resolution, especially when scanning at a greater depth.
  • iStyleTM + Productivity Suite: Provides ergonomic relief by minimizing keystrokes and reducing research time with a user-friendly interface that is easy to set up and pre-installed management tools.

Incredible image quality

Thanks to more than 40 years of experience, Toshiba overcomes all the problems of conventional ultrasound imaging. Utilizing Toshiba's unique technology that reduces noise and signal amplification, improves visualization and ensures you receive high-quality images. Beamformer's revolutionary architecture, which uses state-of-the-art digital signal processing for more precise and flexible ultrasonic beam control, also contributes to this.

Qualitative images provide:

  • 3D / 4D research.
  • Advanced Dynamic Flow (ADF).
  • Differential Fabric Harmonica (D-THI).
  • ApliPure is a technology for improving image quality.
  • Technology of the new generation Precision Imaging - provides a picture of small parts with clear contours and high uniformity.

Personalized work with high performance

The Alio 300 ultrasound device is ideal for everyone, allowing you to customize everything from keyboard input to editing and image enhancement. Due to its design features, the interface and functions, you can easily adapt to work with each patient:

  • High resolution LCD and hinged lever for easy positioning.
  • Increase energy efficiency by reducing energy consumption up to 23%.
  • Smaller weight and small dimensions make it possible to move the machine as much as it is needed.
  • Ergonomic sensors will provide high-quality images for all clinical applications.

The Aplio 300 includes the following options and technologies:

  • TDI - tissue doppler.
  • Elastography - FLR.
  • MicroPure is a technology that detects small concentrations of calcium.
  • STIC is a study of bulk imaging of the fetal heart.
  • STIC Color is a colored 3D visualization of the fetal heart.
  • 3D Color - color three-dimensional study.
  • Fusion - a technology that allows you to match real-time "live" ultrasound images and CT, MRI images or images obtained on other ultrasound devices.
  • 2D WMT - Technology for tracking the movement of the walls of the heart.
  • 3D / 4D research.
  • Panoramic scan option.
  • Stress echo.

The Toshiba Aplio 300 is equipped with:

  • Heater for gel.
  • Shear switch.
  • A device for holding sensors.
  • CHI and DICOM complexes.
  • Mounting kit for peripherals such as rack mounting DVD player, printer, etc.
  • Three ports for sensors.
  • Biopsy nozzles for sensors.

Areas of application of the apparatus:

  • Obstetrics and gynecology.
  • Cardiology.
  • Pediatrics and neonatology.
  • Angiology.
  • Urology.

Dr. Jörg Schlegel, global marketing manager for Toshiba Medical Systems, a specialist in ultrasound systems, said: "We have improved the performance of the equipment in all aspects - image quality, latest clinical applications, 3D visualization, workflow organization and ergonomics. All this increases the efficiency of the work, the authenticity of the diagnosis and the capacity of the department ".

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