What Is the Best Obstetrics and Gynecology Ultrasound Machine?

The Voluson E8 ultrasound machine is one of GE's most popular Voluson series systems. The scanner is the most sought after and highly effective device in the field of female health, which includes gynecology, obstetrics, fertility and reproductive medicine.

GE Voluson E8 Price Range $18 950 - $78 500

Thanks to the multi-breeding work of the company, GE managed to break through the field of ob/gyn ultrasound research, and a series of Voluson devices became another confirmation of this.. GE's line of devices is a series of models, each of which has been refined with exclusive features, which distinguishes them from each other. In addition, practically all devices of the family Voluson are among the most energy efficient in the whole industry. This means that in every new study, the device consumes less energy than similar cheapest ultrasound machine, while saving costs and reducing environmental impact.


What is unique advantages of the Voluson E8?

Active matrix transducers  and a new 4-D transvaginal sensor that allows for early detection of wrong child development, which is of paramount importance. 4D encoded phase inversion (CPI), the latest version of the Speckle Reduction Imaging (SRI III) VCAD Auto Visualization Tool, CrossXbeam, HD-FlowTM, Coded Harmonic, STIC B-Flow and Contrast VCI are just a fraction of the technologies that can be used on GE Voluson E8. The newest model of the GE Voluson E8, BT12 , also adds HD-Live Rendering (high-quality image I am in HD-live mode).

Research using HD live, allows you to get a high-precision image, thanks to the use of 4d function, which greatly improves diagnostic data in the study of the fetus. That is why this device is chosen to get the most realistic non-invasive image, which completely changes the perception of the 4D study.

Specialists in the field of ultrasound diagnostics note that the device Voluson E8 has several advantages that include both design features and technical specifications and functions:

  • The hinged mount allows you to adjust the monitor both horizontally and vertically and change the angle of inclination;
  • the screen of the device has anti-glare coating, which guarantees comfort when working with images and digital data;
  • the adjustable console helps to fix the machine in a convenient position, and thanks to the rotary wheels, the Voluson E8 moves without any effort;
  • The Voluson E8 is equipped with a special ViewPoint software that manages data and provides access to information, including archives.


System Overview:


Voluson E8 Operating Modes:

  • Power Doppler Imaging (PD)
  • B-flow (BF)
  • Tissue Doppler Tomography (TTT)
  • HD-Flow Imaging (HD-Flow)
  • PW Doppler with high PRF (PW)
  • Advanced View (XTD View)
  • Contrast image encoding (media contrast)
  • Volume mode (3D / 4D)

Voluson E8 Basic Calculations:

  • Abdominal
  • Ob/Gyn
  • Vascular
  • Children's and neonatal
  • Urological
  • Cardiology
  • Nervous
  • Bone calculations

Voluson E8 Specifications:

  • Study in bulk space.
  • Ability to reproduce more than 39 frames per second.
  • HDlive in 4D ultrasound.
  • 67,584 image channels.
  • M-Mode, M-Color Flow.
  • Spectral Doppler PW / CW.
  • HD Flow, B-Flow.
  • CrossXBeam technology.
  • SRI II HD Speckle Reduction Imaging.
  • Contrast image.
  • Complete measurement and analysis package.
  • Floating keyboard.
  • Keyboard light.
  • Automatic tissue optimization.
  • Extended 4D image.
  • Coded harmonic visualization.
  • High resolution enlargement.
  • TruScan.
  • SonoAVC.
  • TUI ultrasound tomographic image.
  • XTD Extended View.
  • DICOM.
  • Electrical height adjustment for the keyboard.
  • On-board archive.
  • Integrated DVD / CD +/- R (W).
  • Dual / Quad Image CINE display.
  • Export to JPEG, BMP, TIFF, RAW, DICOM, AVI and MOV formats.


The GE Voluson E8 vaginal ultrasound machine is ideal for both a private clinic and high-income outpatient departments. At the same time, due to the wide range of sensors, the range of possible research on the apparatus is extremely wide, ranging from ordinary scanning, to detailed comprehensive research. High precision machine Voluson E8, in addition to gynecological studies, it is possible to obtain qualitative images of the liver, kidneys, pancreas, thyroid, and the like.



"Voluson E8 with the BT13 software is the best that every ultrasound diagnostic doctor can dream about."