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High-quality retinal diagnostics with ZEISS CLARUS 500

Certain sight pathologies can remain unseen due to low image quality. Early signs of eye disease are often hard to detect, because they can occur in the far periphery of the retina. Widefield imaging has proved itself to be able to detect more pathologies than standard field imaging, which allows diagnosing pathologies in the retinal periphery.

High-quality retinal diagnostics with ZEISS CLARUS 500

CLARUSTM  500 is an imaging system of new generation by a German company ZEISS, which ensures true color and high resolution of the whole widefield image.

Examine patients with confidence:

  • COLOR – True Color image capturing for differential diagnostics;
  • CLARITY – obtain data with high resolution from the macula to the periphery;
  • COMFORT – create convenience for the patient, which will ensure image integrity.

Color and clarity to manage your decisions

Using ZEISS CLARUS 500, you will be able to meet the high-quality imaging needs of a broad range of patients:

  1. Color accuracy helps to diagnose and document eye diseases.
  2. All True Color images can be split into red, green and blue channels in order to improve visual contrast of details in certain layers of retina:

High-quality retinal diagnostics with ZEISS CLARUS 500

  • Red channel images show the choroid in details. This may be helpful to visualize nerve or tumorous damage.
  • Green channel images provide high contrast of the retina, which is important to examine the vascular system and diagnose hemorrhages.
  • Blue channel images improve the visibility of the front retinal layers, allowing easier visualization of retinal nerve fiber layer defects and epiretinal membranes.

Get clear and accurate images from the macula to the far periphery:

  • Using ZEISS optics, CLARUS 500 captures high-resolution ultra-widefield images down to 7 microns.
  • Ultra-high resolution as well as intuitive software allow clinicians to detect the smallest changes and pathologies and also to review, compare and annotate images.

Designed for patient’s comfort

Digital fundus imaging system CLARUS 500 is a simple, stable and intuitive device, which guarantees patient’s comfort and ensures image integrity.

1. Chin rest/head rest.

Simple head and chin rests allow the patient to maintain stable, neutral position while the operator sets up the optics, ensuring comfortable imaging.

2. Swivel motion.

The ability to swivel the device between the right and left eye helps technicians to capture high-quality image without repositioning the patient.

3. Live IR preview mode.

Live IR preview allows the technician to confirm image quality prior to capturing it, ensuring fewer image recaptures.

High-quality retinal diagnostics with ZEISS CLARUS 500

Carl Zeiss Meditec provided the doctors with the ability to conduct high-quality diagnostics with the help of CLARUS 500 fundus imaging system.

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