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PROXISURE: a new laparoscopic device by Ethicon

Ethicon is a company that has been contributing into the suture technology development for 60 years now, and has achieved impressive results in that time. The last product of the company – a suturing device Proxisure – demonstrates those results. It features a maneuverable wrist, curved needles and endomechanical sutures. All of this facilitates the suturing process and speeds up the healing and recovery.

PROXISURE: a new laparoscopic device by Ethicon

Surgeries, for which incisions are necessary, happen all over the world every day, and, of course, suturing follows that. In August 2017, the launch of a new, modern device by Ethicon was announced.

Technical specifications of Proxisure

For many years in a row, Ethicon holds the leading position among the companies developing equipment for minimally invasive surgery. Proxisure is a fully upgraded laparoscopic device, equipped with endomechanical sutures and curved needles.

PROXISURE: a new laparoscopic device by Ethicon

The company demonstrates their care about the modern society by developing new technologies, which make the treatment process quicker and easier, facilitate patient care and speed up their recovery. The device itself is versatile as it can be used even in the most inaccessible areas. This includes the use in bariatric, gynecological and colorectal procedures.

Modern technologies

The operation of this device is based on a full set of modern technologies, assembled into one package – Suturing. This technology creates a new standard of suturing. The system can maneuver with the help of the wrist and the curved needles facilitates suturing in tight inaccessible areas. In addition, the curvedness of the needle allows doctors to fully control it, reduce the risk of needle loss and speed up the healing process.

PROXISURE: a new laparoscopic device by Ethicon

New Proxisure suturing device presents the following advantages:

  • high precision during small tissue manipulations;
  • conical shape of the needle ensures smooth tissue passage, which leads to less pain and less tissue trauma;
  • possibility to tie secure intracorporal knots, with the help of excellent coated polyester suture;
  • easy suture cartridge load, which has a distinctive click, preventing incorrect loading.

Review of the device operation confirmed that Ethicon continues to be the market leader in suture technology. The company constantly offers new products and decisions, aimed to improve the surgeons’ work experience. These devices not only facilitate the doctor’s work, but also guarantee quick recovery and flawless treatment results.

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