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The Arab Health Exhibition brings together the best healthcare representatives

The Arab Health Exhibition is considered to be one of the largest in the world. More than 11,000 people visit it annually, and about 4,000 representatives and companies present their services and products. This year, the exhibition will be held from January 29 to February 1 in Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre. The exhibition will also feature 20 conferences in different healthcare areas and pharmaceutics.

The Arab Health Exhibition brings together the best healthcare representatives

Companies, taking part in this exhibition, will have a viable opportunity to start cooperating with the Middle East. This year, the event will be held in a huge exhibition hall able to receive more than 4,000 exhibits.

Exhibition peculiarities

The opportunities to establish contacts, win the like-minded people’s support, and make a fully-featured presentation of their products are the main peculiarities of the exhibition. Generally, the exhibition receives more than 13,000 holders of Habilitation degree in Medicine and more than a thousand pharmacists.

The exhibition is divided into two sectors:

  • Arab Health Congress — a congress on all public healthcare services;
  • MEDLAB — an exhibition featuring medical equipment, machines, laboratories, etc.


In general, a whole range of presentations will be considered, such as electromechanical, surgical, laser, orthopedic equipment, as well as a number of therapeutic agents and medications.

Conference subjects

First of all, the event presents CME (Continuing Medical Education) — Accredited Conferences , the program of which is focused on calls for solving global healthcare issues. This approach makes it possible for young doctors and Doctors of Science to present their best developments to the world.

Another department deals with the practical training modules. The Arab Health Company has developed a number of programs helping doctors to know more about modern technological solutions. The doctors can test all the latest medical products so far not available in their countries.

And the third department presents the 3D printing technology. Exactly this new trend attracted many visitors to the exhibition last year. The 3D printing technology has greatly influenced healthcare development, and it can be seen in actual life.

The Arab Health Exhibition brings together the best healthcare representatives

This large-scale event’s organizers have attracted a large number of presenters, who will divide the whole program into 20 different conferences. The reports will address not only the healthcare topic but also the topics of proper nutrition, technology and equipment renewals, and many more. To present a display stand at the exhibition, a special selection was carried out, taking multiple criteria into account. Applications were submitted via the Internet.

Anyone who has registered in advance on the exhibition official website can visit it. Any visitor will receive invaluable experience, get familiar with advanced technological solutions, and have an opportunity to find both clients and partners for new projects development.

The BiMedis Company has always wanted to be the best in its niche. So, we will definitely visit this event as well. Invaluable experience, new knowledge, and advanced technologies will allow taking our company to the whole new level.

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