Carestream Health introduces the Touch Prime XE ultrasound system

With every passing day, ultrasound diagnostic technology progresses ahead. And one of these days, Carestream Health, an American medical equipment company, has made a new breakthrough in this area — the Touch Prime XE machine. It combines new modernized technological solutions and makes the work faster, easier, and more comfortable. The previously unused Smart Flow technology offers a unique opportunity to increase the viewing field and provides a number of additional features.

Touch Prime XE

Modern ultrasound machines offer many opportunities for doctors, allowing them both to diagnose diseases with maximum accuracy and do it quickly and easily. Quite recently, the US market has received a new ultrasound machine which provides the possibility of visualizing blood flow in any direction, allowing doctors to obtain the fullest hemodynamic information possible.

Development information

The new Touch Prime XE device has been developed by the Carestream Health Company which has embedded a new Smart Flow technology into conventional ultrasound devices. This technology allows expanding the viewing field of conventional Doppler examination systems, thus ensuring the possibility to visualize blood flow and determine its velocity even in cases when the blood flow direction is perpendicular to the ultrasound beam. The color arrows displayed on the screen deliver data about the blood flow length, velocity, and other important blood circulation parameters.

The ultrasound scanner is also equipped with the SynTek expansion which provides much clearer detail visibility to better display the moving structures, as well as guarantees the generated image optimization to reduce image noise levels. Due to the improved image quality, even small structures can be discerned. Additionally, the system allows the ultrasound beam to penetrate deep enough to visualize the abdominal region.

Development information

To facilitate this device operation, the All-Touch control panel is installed. The operation speed is maximally high, and all the primary functions can be seen without taking eyes off the display. The installed sensors allow displaying blood vessels and also can be used in radiology or to visualize the musculoskeletal support.

The device intended purpose

The Touch Prime XE machine operates at a frame rate of more than 100 Hz, as well as supports the DICOM and RFID protocols to:

  • read barcodes;
  • identify radio frequency;
  • transmit images, using wireless connectivity.

The new system’s survey has confirmed that it provides expanded information on the blood flow, ensuring the correct disease diagnosis and the best possible treatment options available for the patient. This novelty ultrasound machine allows sonographers and other doctors to obtain accurate images of blood flow dynamic models which cannot be displayed using conventional ultrasound techniques.

The device intended purpose

The Carestream Health Company has announced its intention to develop new generation ultrasound devices which will allow evaluating vascular hemodialysis and complex blood flow structures in cases of stenosis. All of them are developed based on a modern integrated GPU processor which increases image quality, reduces system recall time, improving performance and ease of use at the same time.