Alpinion Medical presents a new ultrasound system

Examination results quality and reliability, as well as the time necessary to obtain them, are of great importance for the clinic’s reputation. Modern manufacturers constantly improve existing systems, making their operation more accurate, automated, and understandable for a doctor. The E-CUBE 15 Platinum ultrasound system, manufactured by Alpinion Medical Systems, is no exception. This new and modern device fully complies with the latest technological achievements and requirements, making its utilization simple, fast, and affordable.

E-CUBE 15 Platinum ultrasound system

Modern medical equipment manufacturers are constantly trying to improve existing devices to facilitate obtaining more accurate and reliable examination results. This especially applies to ultrasound diagnostics equipment which rate of development is especially rapid. One of the modern leading producers is the Korean Alpinion Medical Systems Company which has quite recently introduced the new E-CUBE 15 Platinum ultrasound scanner to the market.

Advantages of the new system

System configuration internal features

The presented ultrasound diagnostic machine ensures obtaining 2D images of the improved quality, optimizing and simplifying their analysis. Using this device, not only a two-dimensional image but also Doppler scans are processed. The device has other several advantages such as:

  • updated control panel;
  • high-speed data processing;
  • minimal preparation time for diagnostic procedures;
  • available visualization and intelligence analysis function, which separates anatomical and pathological characteristics;
  • possibility to conduct more profound diagnostics.

New E-CUBE 15 Platinum is a high-performance system which can be used in any medical facility to solve a wide range of tasks.

System configuration internal features

The device is based on the FleXcanTM Pro architecture, which increases the resulting image quality several times. The primary task, carried out by the E-CUBE 15 Platinum ultrasound system, is to obtain optimized scanned images in a shorter time period avoiding unnecessary effort.

Advantages of the new system

To perform this main task, the Alpinion visualization platform is utilized. It is based on modern HW and SW technologies. The new functions ensure 2D and Doppler scan data control and processing. To optimize the results, Optimal Image SuiteTM Plus is used. Due to an inherent monocrystalline technology and ultrasound sensors utilization, the resulting images possess high throughput and sensitivity.

In addition, a new graphical interface is installed on the device, allowing quick and easy operation start and providing the most comfortable access to the device modes and functions. Six keys, which can be individually customized, allow quick patients examination and release from fatigue and long, same type work.

Improved diagnostics

The system technical specifications review confirms that it will provide you with a lot of advantages in your work and will quickly pay back your investments in case you purchase it. In addition, the examination procedures quality and results generation speed will be at the highest level possible.

Oleg Volobuev, doctor, BiMedis company