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TOP 3 CT scanners with a wide gantry aperture for use in oncology

Computed tomography plays an extremely important role in diagnosing many diseases. Every year, CT scanners get more powerful and provide information even on the smallest lesions in the human body. However, a small size gantry aperture causes discomfort for patients during the scanning procedure, especially for those who have claustrophobia. In order to increase the comfort level for the patients during the scanning, the best manufacturers of radiological equipment have developed CT scanners with a wide aperture. Now we will review three scanners with a wide gantry aperture, belonging to three of the most popular manufacturers of medical equipment, namely Toshiba, Siemens and Philips.

TOP 3 CT scanners with a wide gantry aperture for use in oncology


Siemens SOMATOM Definition AS Open

Siemens is one of the leaders in the production and sales of high-quality medical equipment. The specialized CT scanner Somatom Definition AS Open is not an exception. It serves for cancer evaluation and planning in radiation therapy. It is available in two versions: 20 or 64 slices. The gantry aperture diameter is 80 cm and it is the same as the field-of-view of the scanner. Such a diameter performing emergency CT for patients with various injuries, and to conduct various interventional procedures under the CT guidance. The high-power  Straton X-ray tube ensures the high quality of the image. The main characteristics of the scanner are: generator with 100 kW output, gantry rotation speed of 0.3 seconds, and a minimum slice thickness of 0.3 mm. Besides, the maximum allowable weight of the patient is 227 kg and the gantry aperture of 80 cm can accommodate larger patients. Given how powerful it is, the scanner is quite compact and occupies just 18 square meters. Somatom Definition AS Open is equipped with technologies that ensure convenient scanning, and quick image processing. 4D Adaptive Spiral is among them as a technology, which has been developed for adaptive scanning and provides a wide range of dynamic evaluation (up to 80 mm). Taking care of the patient always remains important for the company, that why FAST CARE technology has been created, which not only guarantees fast scanning of the patient and reconstruction of the image without losing diagnostic value, but also decreases the level radiation exposure to to a minimum.

TOP 3 CT scanners with a wide gantry aperture for use in oncology


Philips CT Big Bore

The CT scanner Big Bore was created by Philips for special use in radiation oncology. However, the big gantry aperture diameter is not only for use as a CT simulator, but also diagnostic and interventional procedures. Philips CT Big Bore, a 16-slice scanner with an aperture of more than 85 cm and a field-of-view of 60 cm, ensures not only easier positioning of the patient but also excellent image quality. The quality in its turn is provided by a number of programs and options.

The CT-simulation is conducted with the help of oncological software and technologies. Pulmonary Toolkit is one of them. It was specifically created for monitoring the displacement of the target organs. The TrueImage 4D function is a special algorithm, with the help of which data can be obtained in 4D mode. Respiratory signals and information about the breathing stage of the patient are used in the process. This function should also be used in order to increase image quality the patients who have irregular breathing.

The Tumor LOC program provides an opportunity to perform an efficient high-quality simulation of radiation therapy, which allows performing all the technical stages, from screening to projection. With the patient in mind, Philips offers the DoseWise system which has been developed based on the ALARA (As Low As Reasonably Achievable) principle and provides an opportunity to perform scans with low radiation dose without compromising the quality of the image.

Besides, the scanner has a technology for correcting metal artifacts, a convenient interface and programs which provide fast image reconstruction and the ability to obtain high-quality data.

Thus, the Philips CT Big Bore combines high diagnostic value, which is extremely important for radiation therapy planning, and convenience for both the patients and the healthcare professionals .

TOP 3 CT scanners with a wide gantry aperture for use in oncology

Toshiba Aquilion LB

Finally, let us review the CT scanner with the biggest gantry aperture diameter – Toshiba Aquilion LB. Toshiba is a company which has been operating for more than half a century, is one of the best manufacturers of CT scanners in the world, and the price of its equipment always corresponds to the quality.

The Toshiba Aquilion LB was created to fulfill any oncological task, and to conduct an extremely exact CT-simulation. The scanner is equipped with 16 detector rows and can do 32 slices per rotation. Another of its advantages is an extremely wide aperture of more than 90 cm, which provides more access to the patient, improves positioning, and an expanded field-of-view allows scanning of large areas with higher accuracy. With the coneXact algorithm, the scanner obtains 32 slices in one rotation of the gantry with an extremely high resolution. Toshiba believes that dose reductions is very important to the patient and that is why the standard configuration of the scanner includes the following programs: SUREExposure, 3D Adaptive and AIDR 3D, which are able to reduce the radiation dose up to 75%.

The main features of Aquilion LB are high diagnostic value and simplicity of use, which is achieved with the help of workflow improvement and automated information processing.

The BiMedis website offers a great choice of CT scanners and other radiological equipment within a broad price range, and our specialists will gladly assist you with any questions you may have when making a choice.

Diana Balog, doctor, BiMedis Сompany

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