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What makes up the price of an ultrasound machine?

Budgets limit our possibilities in choosing an ultrasound machine. The large number of machines on the market complicates our rapid decision-making. Accordingly, the question is how to choose an ultrasound machine that will efficiently carry out all the required tasks and fit the budget? What does the price of the ultrasound machine depend on?

Ultrasound machine types

First of all, it is worth taking into account three classes of ultrasound machines:

  • basic;
  • mid-range;
  • expert.

Though this classification is relative, it should be noted that the higher the class of the machine, the better the quality and image resolution, as well as the list of options available. For instance, basic systems may be black-and-white; mid-range ones are additionally equipped with Doppler imaging, whereas expert-class machines have 3D and 4D ultrasound and use  modern options of digital processing to the fullest.

What makes up the price of an ultrasound machine?

Price forming factors for ultrasound machines

The manufacturer plays a crucial role in making up the price. The more famous the brand the more expensive the machine, as the brand name itself says a lot about the quality and longevity. GE, Toshiba, Siemens, Philips, Samsung, Hitachi, Aloka, and Esaote are considered to be the most well-known. Popular Chinese manufacturers are Mindray, SonoScape, and Chison.

The number of options available in the machine is another factor of pricing. The list of options may include:

  • 3D imaging;
  • elastography;
  • different Doppler options;
  • the analysis of ultrasound images combined with CT/MRI etc.

For example, the prices of machines with color doppler start from $15,000, for the 3D-4D option one must pay at least $30,000, and elastography will increase the price up to $50,000.

The price also depends on the machine’s portability. Usually, portable ultrasounds are not as good as stationary ones in aspects like transducer ports, image quality or speed of operation. However, it is the perfect choice for doctors working in the field and in different offices, since the size of the machine is often no bigger than a modern laptop. Ultrasound systems working on the basis of smartphones and tablets are gradually finding their way into the market as well. Despite their small size, these systems have very interesting technologies for ultrasound examinations.

What makes up the price of an ultrasound machine?

Besides, one should understand that new and demo machines will cost more than refurbished or used ones. What is the difference? New machines have never been used. They have the manufacturer’s warranty. Demo machines are, as a rule, exhibition models. They have not been used in clinical practice but they have been often presented at exhibitions. As a result, the price is lower. Refurbished machines are used machines that have undergone improvements (refurbishment can be done at the manufacturer’s facilities or in private repair shops)

What makes up the price of an ultrasound machine?

Buying an ultrasound machine is a crucial decision for doctors as well as for medical centers. In addition to high-quality client services, it is important for the machine to have a fast payback period. So, in order to buy the exact machine you need and not make a mistake with the choice, you should determine which examinations will be conducted and consider all the possible options.

If you are looking for an ultrasound machine, the professional team of BiMedis managers is ready to help you choose the best offers to meet your needs.

Tetyana Fedunyak, BiMedis Company
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