Toshiba has introduced the new Aquilion Lightning 80 CT Scanner

“The Aquilion Lightning 80 is designed to operate reliably and efficiently, producing high-quality images that can potentially help with faster diagnoses and treatment in a busy environment,” said Dominic Smith, senior director, CT, PET/CT, and MR Business Units, Toshiba America Medical Systems, Inc.

Definitely, Toshiba has surprised us with its new developments in the CT scanners category many times. Upon presenting the Aquilion Lightning 80 scanner to the public in April 2017, the manufacturer arrived at the conclusion that there is no need for clients to choose between premium technologies and cost-effective solutions. So, both these features were integrated into a new CT scanner.

So, here is BiMedis Company’s overview of the new Toshiba Aquilion Lightning 80 CT scanner.

The 80 detector row CT scanner which is designed for full-scale human body scanning also provides the possibility to generate from 40-80 to 160 slices without any hardware replacement. In addition to its powerful technical capabilities, the scanner is still rather compact and occupies as little as 9.8 sq. m. A wide 78 cm gantry aperture and 47 cm couch width allow for large patient examination. Furthermore, the examination couch can be lowered to 312 mm height making it possible for wheelchairs to be easily accommodated.

The Aquilion Lightning 80 system ensures high reconstruction speed – up to 50 images per second with 0.5 mm slice thickness. High reconstruction speed at full resolution ensures high patient capacity which is critically important for large clinics.

The Toshiba Company includes special options and protocols in the new Aquilion Lightning 80 system to improve scan results and enhance image quality. The SUREExposure™ 3D software is a fully integrated automatic exposure control which lowers patient radiation exposure and provides optimal image quality. Additionally, the CT scanner provides a real-time scan making it possible to estimate results in a matter of seconds and in this manner to reduce the time necessary for scanning procedures. The contrast control protocol monitors the amount of injected contrast medium and flow rate, taking the patient’s weight and the examination type into account. Furthermore, the SUREkV protocol automatically uses the smallest kV value for CTA examinations to preserve iodine volume.

And finally, such software as SURESubtraction™ provides image quality control, ensures low patient radiation exposure and makes it possible to take out bone and calcium from the obtained data to better visualize tumors and vascular structures. The SEMAR (Single Energy Metal Artifact Reduction) software is designed to utilize a complex iteration method for reduction of metal artifacts, improving visualization of implants. Such options as Subtraction CTA, 3 Phase vHP and AIDR 3D Enhanced are also available.

To conclude, the Toshiba Company has integrated high quality and reliability with simplicity and affordability in its new Aquilion Lightning 80. It may safely be said that Toshiba is one of the leaders in high-quality medical equipment production including CT and MRI scanners, ultrasound machines, angiography systems, C-arms and X-ray machines, and BiMedis will gladly provide them to you.

Diana Balog, doctor, BiMedis Сompany