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  • Comparative characteristics of FRAXEL RE:STORE DUAL and PALOMAR STARLUX 500

Comparative characteristics of FRAXEL RE:STORE DUAL and PALOMAR STARLUX 500

Laser rejuvenation technology is currently one of the most popular procedures. With its help, you can achieve the perfect skin color, clarity, and elasticity at any age. Machines like the Fraxel re:store DUAL and Palomar StarLux 500 will assist you in this challenging task. Fractional lasers, being the essential part of the machines, ensure high efficiency of performed procedures, their painlessness, as well as safety and absence of contraindications.

Laser rejuvenation technology is currently one of the most popular procedures.

Laser skin rejuvenation machine features

As of today, laser cosmetology is almost at the top of the list of the most popular procedures. The painless and quick solution of the most complex skin problems, being very important for women of any age, is its principal advantage. These procedures include rejuvenation, depilation, pigmentation removal and lots of others. There are plenty of means which help to perform these procedures but letís have a look at the two most popular machines ñ Fraxel re:store DUAL and Palomar StarLux 500.

The machineís main task

The Fraxel re:store DUAL and Palomar StarLux 500 machines can handle such important task as skin rejuvenation, meaning its firmness, smooth color tone, and elasticity recovery. All the rejuvenation procedures are aimed at four main aspects:

  • dry skin moisturizing;
  • removal of skin pigmentation;
  • skin resurfacing;
  • skin cleaning.

The machineís main task

All aforementioned procedures are completely safe, and skin recovery after them is quick and painless. They all exclude surgical intervention, thus guaranteeing your a natural look after the procedures. Additionally, you will not have to use any protective dressings due to the modern non-invasive technologies.

To obtain the desired result, you have to complete a treatment course consisting of three to seven sessions. Consequently, this result will be preserved for many years running, having made your skin fresh, elastic and natural in appearance.

Comparison of the machines

These two machines are the top sellers on the market dealing with laser skin resurfacing technologies. Both guarantee painless and safe treatments, but there are some differences in their operation. The Solta Medical Companyís Fraxel re:store DUAL machine is specifically designed for the fractional thermolysis procedure and combines two glass fiber lasers ñ erbium and thulium lasers. Due to the 1550 nm and 1927 nm working wavelengths, the machine is one of the most popular multitasking devices on the market.

Comparison of the machines

This laser penetrates 1.4 mm deep into skin destroying old epidermis. However, the protective stratum corneum (the outermost layer of the epidermis) remains unharmed and retains all its protective properties. The laser beamís deep penetration into the skin helps to smooth out its pattern, remove scars, and get rid of pigmentation as well. The Fraxel re:store DUAL machine allows you to work with any intensity because the laser beam impact and distribution is strictly regulated by special instruments.

The Palomar StarLux 500 machine is equipped with the Lux1540 laser which to a greater extent operates to smooth out scars and stretch marks. The mechanisms of developing new collagen in the skin are activated with high intensity by the laser beam. As a result of this procedure, the skin is restored by itself. The proposed procedures do not require anesthesia, and that one of the main advantages of using this machine.

Comparison of the machines

The laser beam penetrates 1.2 mm deep into the skin and destroys the epidermis leaving the dermis intact. This reduces the procedureís efficiency as compared to using the Fraxel re:store DUAL machine. The main advantage of both devices is quick recovery time ñ about 2 or 3 days. You also have to use a special cream to further accelerate the recovery process.


Thus, when choosing a skin regeneration machine, you have to pay attention to the following important details:

  • efficiency;
  • safety;
  • painlessness.

The two presented laser devices fully meet these requirements but the Fraxel re:store DUAL machine has several more significant features, such as a long-lasting effect after the procedure, as well as quick recovery with no need for special skin care.

Oleg Volobuev, doctor, BiMedis Company