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By 2017, laser technology has become extremely popular in the world of cosmetics and beauty industry. Machine cosmetology has long been introduced in the skin care area, and today, it treats various skin issues successfully and with minimal pain, achieving effective results without any risk of possible complications.

All hair removal methods, excluding facial hair removal, are usually associated with women. But are solely women really the only customers of laser machine producers?

Biologically, men’s hair is thicker and denser, and besides, it grows much faster. Men's hair has coarse and dense structure, and that is why the main difference lies in the number of necessary procedures. Men have to undergo more treatment sessions than women. It is also connected with testosterone, due to which excessive growth of hair is stimulated.


That is the very reason why many people get the impression that body hair removal procedures will differ for men from those for women. But in fact, that’s not the way it is, and it’s easy enough to overturn such a misjudgment.

As it turns out, the procedure itself and the principles of its implementation are absolutely identical, and perhaps the only difference is the areas of the body that most frequently undergo ​​hair removal treatments. Men become the ideal potential customers for such services taking into account the fact that laser hair removal is the most effective procedure for dark hairs treatments.

It’s probably no secret that today’s professional athletes, especially swimmers, always resort to hair removal treatments.

A multiple Olympic champion, Ryan Lochte, has undergone a large number of procedures in order to get rid of hair all over his body. He entrusted this important  procedure to laser hair removal technology of the CANDELA GentleLASE, which utilizes an alexandrite laser, and according to Lochte, the effect lasts for more than a year.



CANDELA GentleLASE is based on a fine alexandrite laser which makes it even better. It has become faster with more features, higher pulse duration, and user-friendly interface. Besides, the handpieces adjust the size of the spots easier. GentleLASE is a laser razor, universally recognized as the “golden standard” among hair removal systems. It removes hair quickly and efficiently, causing customers minimal discomfort. It goes without saying that all cosmetology experts clearly consider the GentleLASE alexandrite laser to be the best epilator for skin types  I-IV.

All swimmers often completely shave off their hair, and it usually applies to vellus hairs as well. All these hair removal measures are necessary for reducing water resistance and improving hydrodynamics. So, the above-mentioned Ryan Lochte says that the laser hair removal procedures have helped him to feel like a rocket in the water, and  because of them, he has managed to finish first more than once.

Oles Trypadush, doctor, BiMedis Company

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