Lots of women who have experienced the laser cosmetology treatment claim it to be perhaps the best therapy which could happen to their skin. The current laser generation is effective not just when utilized for undesired hair capillurgy but also for elimination of cosmetic skin defects, such as wrinkles, scars appearing after acne, vascularity spots, “crow's feet”, red spots and other cosmetic skin and its appendages problems.

Experiencing such-like problems, people often wonder, “Could laser treatment solve my problem? If it could, which laser technology sessions should I resort to?”

By 2016, there exists a large variety of cosmetic lasers able to selectively affect certain types of skin depending on power and emission frequencies.

Here are the best laser systems which modern beauticians typically use in their practice and leave excellent reviews about them.


Though in machine cosmetology, LightSheer DUET is mainly used to remove undesired hair, LUMENIS machine has recently been applied for correction of spider angiomas and pigment stains on the skin relieving such defects owners’ of significant psychological discomfort. The laser operates at an 800 nm wavelength, allowing tender skin warming, and thus ensuring gentle riddance of vascular redness on the skin. The research also suggests that laser stimulates collagen release and may partly be used to treat wrinkles.


It is considered to be probably the best machine to treat acne and scars. Acne is quite hard to hide, and, to make things worse, it can draw attention away from the woman’s beautiful blue eyes or lush lips. Consequently, in order to solve these kinds of perplexity, fractional CO2 lasers are used in modern cosmetic medicine. While utilizing this method, it is possible to reach the deepest layers of the dermis to restore collagen growth and refill after-acne defective areas with it. Besides Co2re machine, experts also mark high-efficiency results while working with DEKA SmartXide.


Due to excessive sun exposure and overactive melanin release in the hot season, nasty brown spots on the face can easily ruin your beautiful complexion and therefore, spoil your high spirits. And indeed, when it comes to not just mere mild “freckles” but to rich-brown traces left by the sun rays all over the skin, lots of women start “ringing the alarm bell”. And the IPL photoepilation systems, in particular, will help you solve this facial trouble utilizing wavelengths which affect skin areas with excessive melanin accumulation, and in the course of few-days procedures, any traces of “solar activity” will be completely eliminated.

In summary, modern lasers unique properties make it possible to carry out undesired hair removal procedures on any skin type, as well as actively use such lasers in a variety of non-surgical skin rejuvenation procedures, including acne treatment and other cosmetic disfigurements elimination.

Oles Trypadush, doctor, BiMedis Company