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No one can imagine their life today without a smartphone. We use it to make phone calls, check some news, photos, and videos, surf the Internet and exchange messages.

Modica has decided to expand the use of smartphones, in particular in a medical sector. The company created a smartphone adaptor called Clearscope.

By means of this adaptor, an ordinary smartphone can replace such expensive devices as a video processor with a video camera and a monitor. The adaptor is somewhat similar to a case, the sizes of which can be adjusted according to the sizes of the phone. Modica offers to download an application of the same name – Modica app - on a smartphone to work with obtained videos and photos. The application provides a user with an opportunity to store the obtained information on Modica’s servers with a confidentiality assurance. The adaptor is especially valuable for the ambulatory medicine, especially for otolaryngology, when an endoscope checkup is needed in extramural conditions. This device enables a possibility to both conduct diagnostic procedures and sample biopsy material.

Although the device has only recently become available for purchase, it has already gained good reviews from medical practitioners.

Clearscope adaptor users pointed out its key advantages and disadvantages:

1) Compatible with any smartphone (regardless of the size), including iPhone 6 Plus and Android Galaxy Note.

2)  Easily connects to any rigid or flexible endoscope.

3)  Can be installed within a few seconds and is easy to use.

4)  The possibility to store obtained information on application servers.

5)  The possibility to conduct an endoscope checkup in ambulatory conditions.

6)  The possibility to share obtained materials with other colleagues.

7)  Modica program is distributed in both paid and free versions. The free version enables access to the saved data only to 1 user, and data amount is limited to 10 GB. The paid version costs 65 dollars per month and includes from 5 to 25 users and from 75 to 625 GB of free storage space on the company’s servers.

8)  The quality of an obtained picture directly depends on the quality of a phone camera.

9)  Narrow list of means for sterilization.

This focus of activity is very relevant, as such devices as Clearscope make it possible to expand the scope of services provided in ambulatory conditions, thus ensuring patient’s comfort and granting more information about an illness to a doctor.

Roman Vernyk, urologist, BiMedis Company