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Not long ago, the idea of turning the mobile phone into a pocket-sized ultrasound scanner seemed to be fantastic, but the number of experimental ultra-compact diagnostic devices has dramatically increased in recent years. Most of them were not good enough to catch the interest of professional sonographers, but when it comes to the Healcerion Sonon, the situation is radically different.

The Healcerion Sonon ultrasound machine is a South Korea's version of what a mobile scanner working correctly on both Android and iOS devices should be like. In fact, it’s a special software, combined with a proprietary sensor, which can turn any modern smartphone or tablet into a multifunctional medical instrument.

Sonon model – ultrasound machine for all occasions

In contrast to the devices developed by competitors, the ultrasound machine based on a mobile phone, presented by Healcerion bears the closest resemblance to a stationary diagnostic system. Developers deliberately refused to miniaturize sensors for ultrasound examinations, and opted for a full-size scanner Convex head with 128-channel ultrasound.

Dimensions of the sensor connected to the mobile phone are consistent with the classical ultrasound systems scanner heads size. Such a construction allowed creating a sensor that is as good as the conventional one and thus provides excellent picture quality, which is displayed on the screen. The resulting image can be saved on the phone or sent to a colleague for the further examination by means of cellular communication, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

Software capabilities include two-dimensional scan mode, automatic calculation of standard indicators in the obstetrics field, cine-loop capture and preparation of a simple report. Diagnostic results are stored on a phone flash-carrier or uploaded to the cloud server.

In Healcerion, manufactures claim that their portable ultrasound machine will obtain corporate line sensor soon. The company’s activities have sparked the interest of a number of venture capital funds, so that the developer has received investments from Magellan Investment Technology, Gachon University, M-Venture Investment and Softbank Ventures.

Where Healcerion Sonon ultrasound machine comes useful

Engineers believe that the scanner based on a software for Android and iOS phones will be in demand in the third world countries. His strong point is obstetrics and gynecology. In the near future, it is expected that the scanner programs package will let the scanner be used in the study of abdominal organs and kidneys.

 Line sensor will give doctors an opportunity to examine patients using a 3D visualization function or a color Doppler. Gradual expansion of innovative device capabilities makes it ideal for distant regions and ambulance crews. Manufacturing company has already passed the certification procedure, and its ultrasound machine has received CE marking.

Olexiy Stahiv, doctor, BiMedis Company