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Ultrasound machines have long ceased to be a rarity and appeared in all major medical institutions, where ultrasound diagnosis of patients is involved. But what should be done in the distant regions where the demand for diagnostic equipment is not so high, but the timely scan often plays a key role in giving a correct diagnosis to patients with serious conditions?

SonoSite iViz as a fresh look at ultrasound tablet machines

Japanese FUJIFILM Company solved this problem by using a compact tablet computer. SonoSite department engineers abandoned traditional models of portable and stationary scanners in favor of mobile, easy and convenient tablet, running on the Android operating system. The newest ultrasound machine has already been approved by the Commission of the European Union countries and has received the CE marking, which actually gives the green light to its sale in the European CIS countries.

The model was named iViz. According to FUJIFILM SonoSite experts, the tool will be useful in the remote regions. Its functionality includes a majority of the most popular functions and capabilities of stationary diagnostic systems, and the cost is several times lower. Apart from using it in rural hospitals, located in the inaccessible regions, the highly mobile scanner easily fits in the ambulance car.

Project leader, Masayuki Higuchi, says: «iViz is a breakthrough in medical hardware. Its dimensions provide a previously unprecedented level of mobility, while its performance along with network compatibility make this model universal! Doctors will be able to use ultrasound machine, based on the tablet in the field, directly in motion or near the patient's bed! "

What SonoSite iViz ultrasound machine is capable of

SonoSite iViz is a device of the new generation, created in order to erase the boundaries between ultrasound scanner and information system of the diagnostic center. It is noteworthy that the tablet ultrasound scanner can be used not only as a scanner, but also as a PC. With its its help it becomes possible to examine a patient chart, gain access to the library of medical institutions or a cloud storage, send reports using professional software and applications, read informative articles and educational materials on the Internet.

SonoSite iViz ultrasound machine is mainly focused on lung diagnosis, work in the cardiology field and abdominal studies, as well as in the field of obstetrics. Due to a powerful processor, the device is capable to work in the M-mode, to provide high-quality two-dimensional image with good resolution and to conduct color Doppler. To optimize the working process, it has been provided with automatic calculation packages, which greatly simplify sonographer’s task.

The picture is displayed on the touch screen with a diagonal of 7 inches with a resolution of 1920x1200 pixels. Original ultrasonic sensor and proprietary SonoSite SonoHD2 and SonoADAPT programs are included in the device set. Inbuilt 64GB memory allows storage of up to 1000 images. The system supports USB technologies, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. It also can be used to play music and video. Battery is interchangeable Li-Polymer. Operating time is up to 60 minutes.

Olexiy Stahiv, doctor, BiMedis company