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The results that can be achieved through the use of FT (Fotona Technology) laser technology are practically inaccessible for any other laser systems in the world. This striking efficacy is achieved by the outstanding Fotona lasers’ technical characteristics because they are unique and have no analogues. Using cosmetic and dermatological FT equipment, specialists can implement a very wide range of services with the clients being sure of their quality.

Fotona Technology Company has been producing cosmetic and medical lasers for over 45 years, that have found their use in the US, Europe and many other countries. Various procedures are being conducted with FT. 

Let's have a look at some basic procedures:

• laser rejuvenation – comprehensive programs for multi-level skin rejuvenation;

• peeling – distinguished between "hot" and "cold". During the cold, skin is being flattened, and during the hot, lifting effect is being achieved;

• laser resurfacing – helps to combat skin aging;

• smooth-rejuvenation – a special procedure that does not require a long restoration, and allows you to get a substantial rejuvenating effect immediately after its implementation, in order to achieve a better effect, deep FT laser rejuvenation is applied.

• laser hair removal - an effective and painless procedure that helps to reduce hair on legs, on armpits, bikini zone and face.

We also shouldn’t disregard the unique SP Spectro cosmetological equipment. This device is a smaller version of the erbium and neodymium SP Dynamis laser, which has no pre-installed software.

This cosmetological equipment is perfect for a variety of beauty industry enterprises. After selecting SP Spectro laser, you will have an entire laser clinic with enormous potential in the field of aesthetic medicine. Many unique and effective procedures, targeted at eliminating completely different problems, will become available to everyone. Skin aging, rash, acne, various scars, neoplasms, tumors, viral warts, fungus, and more – all above-listed problems can be solved with a single apparatus.

This model also has an ability, in case of its retrofitting by G-set manipulation, to perform urinary incontinence treatment and intimate vaginoplasty. The safety and advisability of laser technology in gynecology are proved by clinical studies. Such procedures are being performed exclusively using Fotona erbium laser.

It is important to understand that cosmetic equipment capabilities are quite limited, and very often they give only a temporary effect. FT Laser technology is unique in its kind; this is the very technology to give you a stable and visible result after required procedures.

Oleg Volobuev, doctor, BiMedis company