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In 2015, the growing demand for mobile devices has provoked the appearance of medical equipment of miniature models of ultrasound machines on the market to accelerate the diagnostic process, improve service quality and facilitate patient care. Devices of this kind - is revolution in the field of ultrasound, they radically change approach to ultrasound diagnostics, management of pregnancy, geriatrics, care for severely and chronically ill patients, the working methods of the service department.

Ultrasound machine based on a portable tablet computer

The idea of ​​combining the functional capabilities of a Tablet PC with ultrasound has long nurtured by engineers, but the first competitive model appeared at the turn of 2015-2016's. As the basis were the principles of miniaturization, high efficiency and ease of daily use. At the output they create a mobile multifunctional device, with which the Ultrasound diagnosis had a chance to be publicly available.

Areas of application of Ultrasound- tablets include diagnosis of superficial organs and tumors, the study of the abdomen, obstetrics and gynecology. The ergonomic design of the scanner made it indispensable in emergency situations such as natural disasters, industrial accidents and disasters. Tablet scanner runs for a couple of seconds, and charge the built-in rechargeable battery provides an average of 2.5 hours of uninterrupted operation with the visualization of images on the touch screen.

Ultrasound machine on the basis of the tablet is controlled by a built-in touch screen, like a modern mobile phone or a usual tablet. The portable device is comparable in functionality with the stationary diagnostic systems: it can be used to carry out automatic measurements, save photos and videos to transfer data using the Wi-Fi module or dicom.

One of the first tablets that have come to the European market was Philips VisiQ. The device is compatible with a sensor, and supports the Doppler function. There are available such scanning modes as pulsed Doppler, color Doppler and 2D B & W. Integrated broadband form ultrasonic signal allows you to view on Ultrasound device images of high definition, on which you can see even fingers on baby's feet!

Ultrasound machine based on mobile phone

In March 2016 in New York, at a conference of the American Institute of Ultrasound it was showed the world's first Ultrasound machine based on smartphone. Handheld ultrasound device developed Canadian company Clarius Mobile Health. The compact device is running on the most popular and high demand operating systems such as IOS and Android.

To start using the innovative mobile scanner, it is enough to buy a special Clarius wireless sensor and set the eponymous app on your assistant smartphone. The compact device is perfect for monitoring the conduct of simple procedures, such as injections sighting, biopsy needle entry and conduction anesthesia. With it, doctors can make examination of superficial organs and structures.

The ergonomic design of the sensor allows you to carry it in your pocket, making it incredibly easy and mobile.

Modern portable scanners cost to medical center from 25 to 80 thousand dollars per unit, while the Clarius is at several times cheaper. It is suitable for the care of patients at home and become an inherent part of the ambulance. At the moment, the novelty is certified in the US and Canada. Once the product will receive CE, FDA and Health Canada certificates, it will begin sale in Europe. It is expected that Clarius mobile scanner will be available in versions with both linear and convex probe.

Handheld ultrasound machine to measure the volume of the bladder

Along with universal scanners miniaturization affected and highly specialized industries of Ultrasound diagnostic. In particular, it is scanning of the bladder. Because catheter-associated urinary tract infection - is very common nosocomial problem, manufacturers are paying particular attention to the production of low-cost mobile Ultrasound machines. Compact handheld devices combine the functionality of stationary devices with ergonomic of mobile phones.

The first  ultrasound machines "pocket" type, allowing to carry out a safe noninvasive diagnosis of bladder were - Signostics SignosRT and dBMEDx  . Devices are automatically measure the necessary indicators and display the results of research that allows you quickly get the information to make good clinical decisions. Using a portable scanner reduces the chances of developing a urinary tract infection, and gives an opportunity to save the clinic budget on stationary systems.

Olexiy Stahiv, doctor, BiMedis company