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In early July, Pentax announced the release of a new endoscopy system for bronchoscopy, Defina, in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA). This system is special because it uses the EPK-3000 HD processor which supports i-scan and has two new highly-mobile HD bronchoscopes, EB15-J10 and EB19- J10.

Pentax Defina endoscopy system 

The Defina system is unmatched due to its ergonomics, ease of use, design and lightweight J10 series bronchoscopes. Because the bronchoscopes are so maneuverable, access to the upper lobes of the lungs has become much easier.

Pentax J-10 series bronchoscopes

The Defina system provides sharp images for accurate assessment and visualization of anatomical changes in the bronchial mucosa. Thanks to i-scan technology, experts can perform chromoendoscopy in real time for a thorough review of mucosa and blood vessels. I-scan technology includes three algorithms: surface enhancement (SE), contrast enhancement (CE), and tone enhancement (TE). SE mode helps to visualize anatomical edges and boundaries; CE makes the surface vessels more clear and enhances the visualization of mucosal textures; TE mode has the ability to change the color of each pixel.

Polyp in HD       Polyp with i-scan SE        Polyp with i-scan TE

To meet hygiene requirements, Defina uses disposable supplies to prevent cross-contamination between patients. Compatibility with the STERRAD® Sterilization System ensures complete destruction of Mycobacterium tuberculosis and its drug-resistant forms.

Rainer Burkard, President of Pentax Medical in the EMEA region, made the following statement: "Through our close relations with practicing endoscopists worldwide, we have looked to develop a high-definition video endoscope system that delivers the optimum in visualization, providing crystal clarity. We have produced a system that also offers high standards of hygiene and ergonomics for the full range of diagnostic and therapeutic applications in the Pulmonology field. Our new DEFINA system in Pulmonology is engineered to support the delivery of best clinical outcomes and image quality.”

Defina will be available starting from September 1, 2016 in all markets in the EMEA region, excluding Russia. In the UK, only EB15-J10 and EB19- J10 bronchoscopes will be available.

Roman Vernyk, urologist, BiMedis company