Ultrasound of the soft tissues of the back: male, 36 years old, noticed the appearance of a lesion on his back 1 year ago. Over time, the lesion increased in size and the patient had discomfort at the site of the lesion. The patient sought medical aid and was referred to a surgeon who then sent the patient for an ultrasound of the soft tissues of the back.

The ultrasound examination revealed the following: Left of the midline in the middle of the back there is an ovular hypoechoic tissue formation in the hypodermis. The lesion is not connected to the skin or muscle tissue and has not spread to the surrounding tissues, the echo structure is similar to that of subcutaneous fatty tissue, clear contours and margins, blood flow is not increased. Dimensions are 62x10.4x40.7 mm. The capsule thickness is 0.5 mm.

Conclusion: ultrasound signs of back lipoma.

Photo №1. Longitudinal scan.

Ліпоми спини. BIMEDIS

Photo №2. Transverse scan with power Doppler.

Ліпоми спини. BIMEDIS

Examination was conducted using Toshiba XG Ultrasound Scanner with and Toshiba PLT-1204BT Linear Probe.