Ultrasound for smartphones is a fairly new concept which has really gotten our attention. The Philips Lumify system that was featured on BiMedis took app based ultrasound to a brand new level by offering something that is plug-and-play, without any additional components. One small downside of the Lumify platform is that it has a wired probe, which brings about the same problems that are seen with traditional ultrasound systems; cables get caught in things and may get damaged. Clarius offers something unique, a wireless handheld ultrasound platform that can connect to almost any smart device and can be used anywhere anytime.

The development of portable ultrasound  

Current trends in ultrasound scanners are moving toward more lightweight solutions that can be easily used at a patient’s bedside. Moreover, systems like Clarius can become the ideal choice for telemedicine, as they’re considerably cheaper than full-sized machines. We’ve outlined the main innovations in this field in our article on teleultrasound trends from around the globe.

“Physicians have been asking for a portable ultrasound system that works with their iPhone for some time,” said Laurent Pelissier, Chairman and CEO of Clarius Mobile Health. “The challenge has been to make an affordable device that is small enough to carry around and that also produces great images. I’m happy to say we’ve succeeded in creating a product that will enable more clinicians to use ultrasound anywhere to improve patient care. It’s as easy to use as a mobile phone camera.”

What makes Clarius better than existing app based platforms?

There are other platforms that can be used with smart devices, but Clarius has several features that others do not.  

Main features:

·        Works with iOS and Android smart devices

·        Completely wireless with compact, ergonomic design

·        Highly responsive, no lag time

·        Intuitive interface and automated adjustments

·        Impressive image quality

·        Extended battery life

·        Magnesium case which makes the probe and battery waterproof

Platforms like Clarius are meant to be carried around by healthcare professionals and are mostly targeted toward use in quick exams and procedures like nerve blocks, guided injections and for use at a patient’s bedside.

Clarius – bringing clarity to healthcare

The Clarius wireless ultrasound scanner has a unique package that was meticulously developed and perfected. The highly portable Clarius system will be a great addition to a doctor’s toolbox and as Team BiMedis sees it, one of the most popular platforms for portable ultrasound. Clarius Mobile Health is actively pursuing FDA and CE approval, so we’ll see it on the market pretty soon. The future of portable ultrasound looks brighter and clearer than ever, and that makes us happy.

By Dr. Yuriy Sarkisov, BiMedis staff writer