FUJIFILM SonoSite has prided itself on being a leader in point-of-care ultrasound, making high-quality imaging available in a compact, portable package. The Edge II features cutting-edge transducer technology that improves overall performance and allows the lightweight ultrasound machine to be used in the harshest environments. FUJIFILM has already acquired CE mark and 510(k) approval, which means it will soon be available both in Europe and the US.

Crystal clear imaging and unprecedented toughness

The Edge II introduces a novel, patent-pending process called DirectClear technology available on select transducers (rC60xi, rP19x) that offers improved signal penetration and contrast resolution. Another intriguing addition is Armored Cable technology (optional in the rC60xi, rP19x, L38xi transducers). Instead of flimsy internal protection, the new transducer cables have an embedded metal jacket, protecting image integrity over the life of the transducer. Accidents happen, and the Edge II has all its bases covered with a water resistant control panel and drop-proof (tested up to 3 feet)

"Since SonoSite introduced the first portable ultrasound system in 1999, it has continued to build solutions that anticipate the bedside provider's needs," said Diku Mandavia, MD, FACEP, FRCPC, chief medical officer and senior vice president, FUJIFILM SonoSite Inc. and FUJIFILM Medical Systems U.S.A., Inc. "The Edge II ultrasound system stays true to the SonoSite legacy of durability, reliability, and ease of use. However, we also incorporated enhancements to accelerate the time to image acquisition, enabling clinicians to make more confident decisions and focus on what matters most, the patient."

An intuitive, stylish, portable solution

 Whether used at a patient’s bedside, in emergency medicine or in the most extreme environments, The FUJIFILM SonoSite Edge II gets it done. The manufacturers didn’t skimp on features, evidenced by the multitude of imaging modes and applications. Taking into account customer feedback, they decided to make the Edge II tough as a tank with armored transducer cables so that you can count on it working at the crucial moment.

By Dr. Yuriy Sarkisov, BiMedis staff writer