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Piercings are an unusual and at the same time common art form. Where did they originate and what are the health risks? Let’s take a look!

It’s an ancient skill that was first used in the Roman Empire, Egypt and Greece. In those days, noble warriors got them to distinguish themselves from the rest of the common people. Later, in Greece, only married women were allowed to get body piercings.

Today, body piercings are very popular and anyone get them done anywhere on their body. Tongue piercings are one of the most popular types of body piercings.  

Before getting a piercing, dentists recommend that you take some time to think about it because that cool piercing may affect your health.

However, if you decide to take this step, it is necessary to remember the golden rule. You should only get this procedure done by a doctor in a specialized medical center and not in a beauty salon. This is due to the fact that there are main arteries and veins in the tongue, which if damaged can cause severe bleeding and even lead to death.

Doctorshave repeatedly warned of the serious consequences that can occur after getting a piercing. Here are the main ones:

  1. Inflammatory reaction of the soft tissues of the oral cavity.

The punctured area is a favorite spot for pathogenic bacteria, which can cause purulent inflammatory reactions of the oral cavity. Therefore, the area around the piercing requires aftercare with special rinsing solutions, but patients often overlook the importance of this.

  Scientific evidence shows that people with tongue piercings often complain of gingivitis and others have periodontal diseases.

  1. Bad breath

With any mouth piercing, oral hygiene becomes more difficult, resulting in the accumulation of bacteria in hard to reach areas between the jewelry and the soft tissue. This is what causes bad breath.

  1. Cracked and chipped teeth.

A person can’t always control tongue movements, as most of them happen spontaneously. The metal often hits the teeth, which at first causes sensitive teeth and later more serious problems, like cracked or chipped enamel.

  1. Receding gums.

 99.8% of people with tongue piercings have receding gums, particularly of ​​the lower front teeth, and the longer a person has the piercing, the greater the degree of gum recession is present.

Many people say that after they get the piercing they have numbness of the soft tissue of the tongue and the surrounding tissues, especially the bottom of the mouth.

Piercings under the tongue, frenulum piercings, are popular among young women but unfortunately only bring negative consequences.

The cost depends on the type of jewelry, the material it’s made of and the amount of time it takes to get the piercing done and can be anywhere from $10 and higher.

Trends are temporary, but being healthy is always in fashion.

By Dr. Iryna Todoryuk, BiMedis Company

    24 February 2016, 00:51:28
    Google translation
    Это напоминает историю про туннели в ушах. Молодёжь сначала делает дырку в ушах и платит за это деньги, а потом хочет её залечить, заплатив ещё деньги. Каждому своё, и пирсинг языка является из рода пластической хирургии по уродыванию своего тела. Но каждому своё

    It's like the story about the tunnels in my ears. The youth first makes a hole in the ears and pays money for it, and then wants her to heal, paying more money. To each his own, and the tongue piercing is a kind of plastic surgery on urodivoi your body. But to each his own

      Татьяна Корабельникова 23 February 2016, 19:34:31
      Google translation
      Интересная дискуссия намечается! Девушки, почему никто меня не поддержит? Что плохого в пирсинге? Разве это не здорово?Прочитав пост, немного испугалась: воспаление, запах изо рта, сколы эмали... Жуть...Скажу по секрету, мой парень хочет, чтобы я еще в одном месте пирсинг сделала. Если кому-то не нравится, не делайте!

      Interesting discussion planned! Girls, why I am? What's wrong with piercings? Isn't it great?After reading the post, a little scared: inflammation, breath, chipped enamel... Horror...Tell you a secret, my boyfriend wants to I in another place, the piercing did. If someone doesn't like, don't do it!

        Юлия Мельникова 23 February 2016, 13:42:41
        Google translation
        Честно говоря, мне пирсинг языка не понятен и не приятен. А оказывается еще и такие вредные последствия могут быть. Молодежь делает пирсинг и о последствиях не задумывается!

        Honestly I tongue piercings are not understandable and not enjoyable. And is also such harmful effects can be. Young people do the piercing and the consequences of not thinking!

          Serg Mihel 19 February 2016, 23:51:54
          Google translation
          Если честно, не понимаю этого удовольствия. А ещё возможные последствия(( ... Но если парень в восторге - девочки делайте! Танцуй, пока молодой)) Только соблюдайте элементарные правила и всё будет ОК!

          To be honest, I do not understand this pleasure. And possible consequences(( ... But if the guy love girls do! Dance while young)) Only observe the basic rules and everything will be OK!

          • Iryna Todoruyk 25 February 2016, 17:10:44
            Google translation
            Уважаемый Serg, то что пользы никакой от пирсинга - это гарантия, еще и проблем со здоровьем можно заработать! Спросите мнение своего стоматолога о пирсинге, и я уверена, что услышите еще много интересного, что не вошло в нашу статью.

            Dear Serg, then use that from any piercing is a guarantee of, and problems with health you can earn! Ask the opinion of your dentist about piercing, and I am sure that you hear a lot of interesting that was not included in our article.

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