NeuroSuite is an integrated interventional X-ray system that is tailor-made for neurological interventions on the smallest level. As surgical instruments and devices become smaller and smaller, new methods of control and navigation are needed to accurately guide the most miniscule of them. The first new-generation system was installed in Karolinska University Hospital in Sweden.

To improve image-guidance during surgical interventions, Philips has added unique features to make the NeuroSuite the ideal solution for the diagnosis and treatment of strokes, aneurysms and other life-threatening conditions. NeuroSuite has two detectors, FD20, a 20 inch detector that is located on the frontal plane, and FD15, a 15 inch detector located on the lateral plane closer to the head. The combination of these two detectors offers unprecedented 2D, 3D image-guidance with low X-ray dose.

NeuroSuite provides a complete package with high-resolution imaging of the cerebrovascular system with the help of which, doctors can visualize intracranial devices and vessels on the smallest level.