Fashion never stays still. This is also true for dental practice. Teeth tattoos have become the latest rage in the UK, Japan and US. 

Now, you don’t have to rush out to get a filling or a crown to hide defects, you can just get a tooth tattooed and all your problems are fixed! This technology lets you get any tattoo you desire, from a simple picture to your loved one’s portrait.

Steve Heward, an American dentist, is considered the founder of this new technology. He was the first to propose drawing on artificial crowns, which young people liked, and soon word spread around the world.

There are currently two ways to get a tattoo. The first is when a doctor draws a picture on a tooth with permanent ink, which easily washes away after a few days. The second technique is when a tattoo is done on a ceramic crown, which is then fitted on the tooth. This type of tattoo will stay on your teeth no less than 5 years.

Young women are even putting together art sets with designs on their feet and teeth that complement each other, or different designs with similar colors.

The most popular teeth tattoos are butterflies, animals, hieroglyphs and initials.

It’s important to note that you should only get teeth tattoos in a licensed dentist’s office because the procedure requires specific skills and can be expensive for the patient if they’re poorly done. And one more important issue is of course the cost of this pleasure, which ranges from $70 to $500.

Taking care of teeth with tattoos is no different than regular teeth care, except for one recommendation – avoid hard or abrasive foods. It has been shown that people with teeth tattoos pay closer attention to their dental hygiene because they want to keep their tattoos longer.

Carefully consider the pros and cons before deciding to tattoo your teeth and keep up with the latest fashion trends! 

By Dr. Iryna Todoryuk, BiMedis Company