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To make the work with the BiMedis online platform convenient and provide a positive user experience, this website uses cookies. They are small text files storing data on user interaction with the resource features and on the individual interface settings. The server automatically accesses these files every time you visit the resource. They are generated using the browser and stored on the user computer, tablet, or phone. For example, due to these files, you will not have to undergo the authorization procedure again and again during your next visits.

If your consent to use cookies is not given or you reject using cookies, using this website may become partially or completely impossible.

Cookies classification and purpose

Our company uses both permanent and session cookies. Permanent files are updated after each of your visits. They may include “third party cookies” placed by third-party websites. To optimize our services, to improve our services quality, and for commercial purposes, we grant the right to collect and process the data stored in cookies to analysts, optimizers, and advertising agencies. The data they collect is not subject to disclosure according to their privacy policy.

Session cookies are automatically deleted after the session is complete and the browser is closed.

Cookies are divided into four types by their purpose:

  • Essential;

  • Functional;

  • Analytical;

  • Targeting.

Essential cookies are used to speed up the website operation, and therefore, they collect basic data on the User interaction with the resource – for example, the data necessary to fill the authorization form. Functional cookies are meant to optimize the workflow – they store information on the language, location, and specific settings selected by the User.

Analytical cookies process the information on your behavior – how many times you visit the website, how much time your session lasts, and how many pages you visit during the session. This information is required exclusively to improve the website interface according to user preferences, as well as to make access to popular and important pages as simple and fast as possible.

Targeting cookies collect information helping specific services to set up relevant ads and evaluate the performance of the current campaigns. Due to them, you see exclusively useful ad blocks on the web pages. They may be transferred to advertisers to improve their services.

How to reject cookie files

Your web browser allows disabling cookies and deleting saved text files. If you do so, some of the website features may become inaccessible to you. We provide the instructions for each popular browser below:

To reject collecting data on your visits to this website in Google Analytics, please go to

BiMedis takes care of your safety and does everything possible to make your experience of working with our online medical equipment sale and purchase platform comfortable.

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