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Brand GE
Model Logiq 9
Condition Used Good
Warranty No warranty
Shipping from USA USA
Advert # 1595433
Category Ultrasound Machines
Posted 15.05.2020
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Product Description

OB/GYN and Vascular applicationsn17 inch color monitornFull size backlit keyboard, 2D, M-Mode, PW Doppler, B-Mode, Color Flow, Power Doppler, Imaging (PDI)nCodeScan, SmartScan, TruAccess, TruConnect, ComfortScannnCompatible Transducers: Logiq 9 i12l, 10L, 9L, 7L, M12L, M7C, 8C, 4C, 3.5C, E8C, 10S, 4S, 3S, 4D16L, 4D10L, 4D3C, 4D8C, 4DE7C, I739, T739nnWe pride ourselves on our industry-leading testing, quality procedures, and housing the country’s largest transducer inventory. When we receive a probe, we start with a 10-step testing process that provides a thorough insight into each probe and what it will take to return it to industry standards. Once repaired, the probe will go back through our 10-step process to ensure it’s functioning at its best.nnFor more information visit our website

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