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Joey Colarulo

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Model RTvue
Condition Refurbished
Warranty No warranty
Shipping from USA USA
Advert # 1337040
Category OCT tomograph
Posted 12.12.2018
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Product Specifications

Scan depth, mm 2-2.3
Shooting angle 32x22
Lateral resolution, μ 8
Scan speed, A-scans per second 26000
Minimal pupil diameter, mm 2.5

Product Description

Optovue RTVue Fourier Domain SD OCT System with Windows XP CPU, new peripherals, printer and factory power table We are pleased to offer this fully refurbished Optovue RTVue OCT. This unit has been tested and inspected to the manufacturer's specifications. Upgraded 6.9v System Software with Windows XP OS If you are looking for a unit with the Anterior Module (CAM) Please see other listings! As the first Fourier/spectral-doman OCT system in the United States, the RTVue FD-OCT set the standard for high-speed, high-resolution tomography scanning. Allowing discrete layers of the retina, as well as the full choroid, to be visualized clinically for the first time. The 5 micron resolution images have ushered in a new era of retina pathology documentation and diagnostic imaging. Comparative studies have demonstrated that the system offers earlier detection of minute changes in pathology than time-domain based systems, allowing for earlier intervention and better outcomes for patients. The RTVue system uses an IR

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