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Model RAPIDLab 248
Condition Used
Warranty 1 month(s)
Shipping from USA USA
Advert # 1541809
Category Analyzers electrolytes and blood gas
Posted 11.03.2020
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Product Specifications

Number of parameters 8
Throughput, samples per hour 80
Analizator type Automatic
Sample Types Whole blood
Sample size, microlitre 60-85
Cycle time (reaction), s 45
Weight (kg) 9.1
Overall dimensions, cm 38.6х32.1х37.1

Product Description

12715 Here is a Siemens RAPIDLAB 248 pH/Blood Gas Analyzer

Predecessor to:

This Siemens RAPIDLAB 248 pH/Blood Gas Analyzer it has been tested to the extent of our capacity lacking several sensors along the flowpath, and it is presumed to be fully functional otherwise.

Please see the exact video and photos below.

Testing we performed:
The Siemens RAPIDLAB 248 pH/Blood Gas Analyzer passed following tests:
Powered on and initialized, passing all self checks without error.
Was manually run through several commands to verify the functionality of individual systems, no errors were discovered

System consists of:
Siemens RAPIDLAB 248 pH/Blood Gas Analyzer
Standard power cord.

Configuration and Setup:
Measurement Time: Results are displayed within 45 to 120 seconds of returning the probe (typically less than 60 seconds).
Heater: The sensor operating temperature is 37C /- 0.15C., The pre-heater temperature is 37C /- 1C.
Sample Volume: 85 uL (syringe) nominal, minimum 60 uL (capillary)
Measured Parameters: pH 6.001 - 8.000 (10.0 - 997.7 nmol/L H ), pCO2 5.0 - 250.0 mmHg (0.67 - 33.33 kPa), pO2 0.0 - 749.0 mmHg (0.00 - 99.86 kPa), pAtm 400 - 825 mmHg (53.3 - 110.0 kPa)
Calculated Parameters: HCO3-(act and std) 0.0 - 60.0 mmol/L, BE (ecf and B) /-29.9 mmol/L, ctCO2 0.0 - 60.0 mmol/L, O2SAT 0.0 - 100.0%, O2CT 0.0 - 40.0 mL/dL, pO2(A-a) 0.0 - 749.0 mmHg (0.00 - 99.86 kPa), pO2(a/A) 0.00 - 1.00

The Siemens RAPIDLAB 248 pH/Blood Gas Analyzer is designed to be connected to an AC supply at all times, and, when used as recommended will not require a warm-up period. However, if the analyzer must be disconnected from the AC supply, follow the shutdown procedure.

Video Description:
We pan over to see a full view of the Siemens RAPIDLAB 248 pH/Blood Gas Analyzer.
From here we zoom in on the display and the Siemens RAPIDLAB 248 pH/Blood Gas Analyzer is powered on.
We do a detailed inspection as it proceeds through the warm up period, after which a full external inspection is performed showing all relevant connections and serial tags.
Once complete, we return to a front view of Siemens RAPIDLAB 248 pH/Blood Gas Analyzer, after which, video ends.

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