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  • INSTRUMENTATION LABORATORY GEM Premier 4000 Analyzer Electrolytes and Blood Gas

    1 762 USD
1 762 USD


1 600 EUR (Price in the user currency) ~ 1 762 USD (Converted price)

Product Details

Model GEM Premier 4000
Condition Used Like New
Warranty 3 month(s)
Shipping from Poland Poland
Advert # 1384810
Category Analyzers electrolytes and blood gas
Posted 30.04.2019
Visits 27

Product Specifications

Number of parameters 13
Throughput, samples per hour 38
Analizator type Automatic
Sample Types Whole blood
Sample size, microlitre 65-150
Cycle time (reaction), s 95
Weight (kg) 20
Overall dimensions, cm 31х38х46

Product Description

fully functional,
condition very good visual devices shown in the pictures,
Includes accessories shown in the pictures,
built-in printer,
touch panel control,
C0-0xymetria on board and a full panel of assays
Wielotestowa disposable cartridge containing all the elements necessary for the implementation signs - needed replacement.
Maintenance free - only replacement cartridge once every 30 days,
IQM - Instrumentation Laboratory reserved solution, automatic quality control in real time,
GEM Web Plus, the unique software Instumentation Laboratory allows insight into the performance and management of each of the analyzers in the network from a PC or any Operator GEM Premier 4000 analyzer on the network.
Parameters measured:
- the pH, pCO2, pO2, Na +, K +, Ca ++, Cl-, Glu
- Lac, Hct, tHb, O2Hb, COHb, MetHb, MO, Total Bilirubin
parameters calculated
TCO2 P / F ratio, BE (B) , PaO2, BE (ECF), CaO2, tHb (c) CvO2, Ca ++ (7.4), p50, anion gap, O2cap, SO2, RI, SO 2 (c), cCO2, HCO3-std, and-vDO2, HCO3- (c) QSP / Qt (est), N-aDO2, QSP / Qt paO 2 / PaO2 Hct (c)

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Daniel Gamez Sanchez
Google translation
Would recommend
Good value
Good quality
I've received the device from the seller and have already tested it. There is just one remark - the year specified on the photo was different.
Ya tengo el repuesto del vendedor. Lo hemos probado y funciona. Lo único que no me ha gustado que pongan un año en la foto luego sea otro.
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